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Sunday – November 7, 2021

#2021-295553/West Precinct/Third Watch:

On 11-07-2021 at 0142 hours, several reports of shots fired in the vicinity of the 2000 block of 1st Ave came in. Witnesses reported between 6 and 10 shots were heard in the area, followed by “tires screeching”. During the investigation, officers located evidence of a shooting, but no victims or visual witnesses located. Approximately 2 hours later, a victim walked into Evergreen Hospital in Kirkland with a single gunshot wound (GSW) to the foot. Initial reports from the victim indicate the GSW is possibly related to this incident. At the time of this SIR, officers were en route to Kirkland to speak with the victim.

#2021-295688/Southwest Precinct/First Watch:

On 11-07-2021 at 0629 hours, officers received a call of an officer shot at 30 Ave SW/SW Dakota St. Officers responded to the scene, and there were no signs of anyone being shot. South Precinct officers checked the South location too, but there was no evidence of a shooting. The phone used by the unknown complainant couldn’t be traced at this time. Officers checked the area and spoke to community members in the area. Officers were unable to determine who made the call.

#2021-295658/Southwest Precinct/First Watch:

On 11-07-2021 at 0453 hours, officers were out at the 4700 BLK of Delridge WY SW containing an apartment and attempting to arrest a felony suspect. As officers were on scene dealing with the situation, a series of fake 911 calls came in. At 0453 a male called in that a man was firing shots at Delridge WY SW/SW Genesee St. This location isn’t far from the location where the officers were located. Over five minutes later, officers heard multiple shots North of the 4700 BLK of Delridge WY SW. Officers from SW PCT and South PCT responded but didn’t locate any casings or damage. Based on the multiple fake calls, there is a possibility that the unknown suspect/suspects were trying to lure officers away from the incident at the 4700 BLK of Delridge WY SW.

#2021-295805/South Precinct/First Watch:

On 11-07-2021 at 1015 hours, the victims were conducting business at a bank in South Seattle. An unknown male approached the victims in the parking lot and demanded money. The suspect displayed a handgun and took $600 from male victim and necklace from the female victim. The suspect fled the scene in an unknown black SUV with a broken passenger side mirror. There was a language barrier that created a delay in the response. Officers conducted an area check with negative results.

#2021-296006/North Precinct/Second Watch:

On 11-07-2021 at 1526 hours, officers were called to the Petco in the University District for a report of an armed robbery with a knife. A female suspect had entered the store and grabbed a fish in a container off the shelves before asking other customers to help her steal items. She was then confronted by store employees, who asked her to leave. This upset the suspect, who pulled a knife and raised it above her in a threatening manner towards staff before throwing the fish against the ground and grabbing dog toys on her way out of the store. The suspect collapsed on the sidewalk after leaving the store, where officers located her and disarmed her without incident. The dog toys were recovered, and the suspect was arrested for robbery without incident after being medically cleared by Seattle Fire.

#2021-296144/East Precinct/Third Watch:

On 11-07-2021 at 1911 hours, two male suspects wearing masks and gloves entered a small business in the 2100 block of E Union St. Both males brandished handguns and robbed the employees of the cash in the register. The males then fled the area in a Chevy SUV SB on 21 Av. No one was injured in this incident. Screened with Robbery.