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Thursday – December 9, 2021

#2021-324724/West Precinct/First Watch:

On 12-09-2021 at 0800 hours, officers responded to a report of a shooting. After a short search, officers located the victim with a gunshot wound (GSW) to his left lower back at 4 Av and Cherry St, approximately 4 blocks from the crime scene. An SPD EMT rendered aid until transfer of care to Seattle Fire; SFD transported victim to Harborview Medical Center. While processing the victim’s clothing as evidence, narcotics were found in a jacket pocket. Evidence processed by officers and shared. Incident screened with Homicide. Victim had non-life- threatening injury. Lt. advised.

#2021-324852/West Precinct/Second Watch:

On 12-09-2021 at 1038 hours, an unknown suspect entered a 2nd Ave. hotel demanding items and services they could not provide for him. This angered the subject, who appeared to be in crisis. He began swearing at the employees and making disparaging comments about them which they perceived as attacks on their religion. He also yelled racial slurs at and homophobic slurs. He also spit on a third employee before repeatedly attempting to smash their glass entry doors. Failing that, he threatened to return with a sledgehammer. The staff had never seen him before and he was gone before SPD arrived.

#2021-324891/Southwest Precinct/Second Watch:

On 12-09-2021 at 1125, a protest began at West Marginal WY SW and SW Andover. Teamsters are conducting the protest with 5-6 protesters at a time working in teams from 0630-1600 hours. They are blocking trucks from leaving the business for two minutes and then allowing them to leave. They are not stopping trucks from coming into the yard. A caller reported getting into a disturbance with the protestors and, during the course of the disturbance, the caller claimed they used racial and homophobic slurs against him. I was unable to contact him to get any further information. The Teamsters denied using any racial/homophobic slurs. They reported a driver almost ran them over and they had an exchange of curse words and that was it. The Teamster organizer added that they never use language like that as it makes them look bad and takes away bargaining tools that they could use. I notified Bias crime coordinators.

#2021-325112/North Precinct/Second Watch:

On 12-09-2021 at 1530 hours, officers responded to a middle school to investigate graffiti found in the girl’s restroom stating that someone was going to “shoot up the school on Monday.” School staff stated that they’d reviewed evidence that showed students entering and leaving the restroom between the likely times that the graffiti occurred and compiled a list of those students. The school staff then conducted an investigation of those students. Staff did not provide law enforcement with the list of students, nor any results yielded from the school’s investigation. Later in the afternoon, officers responded to an attempted robbery at the school (2021-325184). This robbery did not appear to be related to the threats.

#2021-325124/West Precinct/Second Watch:

On 12-09-2021 at 1540, Fife PD requested assistance from SPD in locating a violent, armed Assault suspect from an incident that occurred in the Fife/Kent area overnight. At their request SPD officers coordinated to locate and impound the suspect’s vehicle from the street outside his Belltown apartment building. A Fife PD officer responded as well to follow the tow truck to their Processing Room. The suspect was never contacted, and Fife PD will be handling the investigation. An Officer Safety message was also emailed for Patrol to be aware of him

#2021-325125/South Precinct/Second Watch:

On 12-09-2021 at 1539 hours, a female victim parked her car at the entrance of a school located near Rainier Av S/ S Kenny St. A black Ford Focus hatchback, unknown plate, occupied by four subjects, fired at least three rounds striking the victim’s vehicle then fled. There were no injuries and limited cooperating witnesses. Evidence of a shooting was collected at the scene. Media Unit responded with the incident being screened with Gun Violence Reduction Unit.

#2021-325126/East Precinct/Second Watch:

On 12-09-2021 at 1540 hours, the victim in this incident responded to an address to meet up with an acquaintance. This building is one large, single residence that has been rented out to at least 8 different people each with their own bedroom. The victim stated that he was invited inside by a female adult. Once inside the female, along with an adult male accomplice, then attacked the victim. The female pepper sprayed the victim in the face and the male used spray paint. The female suspect then produced a gun and demanded the victim get on his knees. The suspects went through the victim’s pockets taking his wallet and cell phone. They also took the keys to his van and the male suspect then left the residence and took off in the victim’s van. The victim was kicked out of the residence by the female suspect and threatened with violence if he ever returned. After leaving, the victim called 911 and officers met him down the street from where the assault occurred. Seattle Fire was called to treat the victim for pepper spray and injuries. Soon after, officers set up containment on the residence. Over the next hour, (4) people exited this residence and were contacted by officers. All of the subjects identified themselves, but none were cooperative about who might have been involved in this incident. The subjects did say there were at least 10 people living at the building and most had their own separate space. The also claimed that there were multiple visitors inside today but were not cooperative with any names or gaining access to the building. Officers were able to identify a possible suspect during the data portion of this investigation who had been involved in an unrelated shooting incident recently. Several residents in the area also complained about the criminal activity at the address. Officers left the residence after several attempts to contact any possible suspects. The victim was given a ride to Swedish Hospital. A BOLO was issued for the victim’s stolen vehicle and this investigation will be turned over to the Robbery Unit.

#2021-325169/South Precinct/Second Watch:

On 12-9-2021 at 1628 hours, an armed robbery was broadcast at the 5800 block of Rainier Av S. Officers were already in the area for a shots-fired call (21-325169) and arrived at the time of the broadcast. The suspect entered the grocery and was asking the store employee how to send a money order to Kenya. The suspect then pointed a gun at the victim and several other employees and demanded money. The victim told the suspect they had no money and offered him five dollars. The suspect fled without any money and was last seen running WB on S Juneau St. Officers attempted to set up containment and search for the subject, but he was not located.

#2021-325222/West Precinct/Second Watch:

On 12-09-2021 at 1745 hours, six people were doing narcotics together in an apartment when an argument started. The argument turned physical, and the five men poured out into the street. One pulled out a handgun, pointed at the group of four men, and fired one round. The four men got into a vehicle and fled the area. The man with the gun vomited and walked away. Evidence of a shooting and other evidence was recovered as evidence, but no damage or injuries located/reported. Gun Violence Reduction Unit notified.

#2021-325412/South Precinct/Third Watch:

On 12-09-2021 at 2155 hours, officers were dispatched to a robbery. The victim reported he was approached by 3-4 males who asked to use his cell phone. One male later displayed a handgun by pointing it at the victim. Another suspect displayed a second handgun. The victim was struck in the face with one of the handguns and later declined medical assistance. The suspects fled the area on foot. These suspects matched a similar incident earlier in the shift.

#2021-325448/South Precinct/Third Watch:

On 12-09-2021 at 2247 hours, officers responded to a shots call in 400 block of S Spokane St. Upon arriving on scene, a suspect was located and placed under arrest. The suspect was in possession of a verified stolen handgun and narcotics. The suspect was booked into King County Jail and Gun Violence Reduction Unit was notified.