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Thursday – January 13, 2022

#2022-010525/North Precinct/First Watch:

On 01-13-2022 at 0900 hours, a suspect entered a 7-11 in Ballard and attempted to steal food from the metal rollers inside. The employee was able to prevent the theft and told the suspect to leave. A few moments later the employee went to the back room and when he returned to the store, he observed the suspected taking food from the metal rollers. The employee/victim followed the suspect outside and tried to recover the food. While doing this the suspect drew a firearm from his waistband and pointed it at the victim and threatened to kill him. Following this, the suspect pointed the firearm into the sky and fired one round. The victim did not report this for several hours.

#2022-010247/Southwest Precinct/Second Watch:

On 01-13-2022 at 1600 hours, officer, Gun Violence Reduction Unit, and SWAT conducted an operation to arrest a suspect wanted for Assault 1, Drive-By Shooting, UPFA, and a robbery warrant. The suspect was arrested without incident and later booked into King County Jail.

#2022-010511/East Precinct/Second Watch:

On 01-13-2022 at 1632 hours, Garfield HS students has just been let out of classes and several of them were across the street from the school and standing in a bus shelter when this incident occurred. While the victims were waiting for their bus, a dark colored compact car drove by, and a passenger fired off multiple pellet gun rounds at them causing them to duck for cover. The suspect car sped up and continued southbound on 23 Av S without stopping. A 14-year-old victim was struck in the eye by one of the pellets and immediately suffered vision loss. Both SPD and Seattle Fire responded to the call. Firefighters treated the victim at the scene and recommended she be transported to the hospital by ambulance. The victim was transported to a hospital shortly thereafter by her parents. Officers searched the area for the suspect vehicle, but the suspects were not found. The Gun Violence Reduction Unit was notified of this incident as was a Department PIO.

#2022-010611/West Precinct/Second Watch:

On 01-13-2022 at 1847 hours, as an officer was clearing a call, he was approached by a male in crisis. The officer spoke briefly with the subject and determined he was not in need of immediate care. This made the suspect angry and he cocked his arm as if to throw a punch. The officer tried to walk away but the suspect then punched the officer in the face, causing pain and swelling. The officer and a KCSO deputy took the suspect into custody using de minimus force. Once in handcuffs, another officer recognized the suspect as a well-known person who has a long history of mental illness, threats to officers, and other felony crimes. Earlier in the day a city-wide officer safety warning was issued that indicated the same suspect planned on forcing an officer to kill him. Officer was treated by Seattle Fire on scene and recommended follow up at the hospital.

#2022-010713/East Precinct/Third Watch:

On 01-13-2022 at 2111 hours, officers responded to the area of Belmont Av and E Olive St for reported shots fired in the area. Officers spoke with the complainant and other witnesses and determined that two suspects, one armed with a handgun and the other with a shotgun, shot at/near a gray sedan vehicle driving in the area. The suspect with the handgun fired the gun, unknown in the air or towards the gray vehicle. The two suspects ran after the vehicle as it fled the area. The two suspects were described as follows: both males, one 27 yo, 5’9, THIN, BRIGHT RED JKT, WHI PANTS, BLK PISTOL, L/S WB ON OLIVE ST and THIS MALE HAD A SHOT GUN: the other male in his 40S, POSS GLASSES, WHI TSHIRT, GRY SWEATPANTS – SHOT GUN IN RIGHT HAND. It was reported that the two suspects fled on foot. Officers conducted an area check but were unable to locate. Officers located evidence of a shooting, but no victims were located from this incident.

#2022-010739/West Precinct/Third Watch:

On 01-13-2022 at 2200 hours, an intoxicated and emotional suspect became enraged for unknown reasons and attacked two persons. She committed a felony assault on a hotel staff member and a misdemeanor assault on a bystander. While being loaded into a patrol car she assaulted and officer by kicking him.

#2022-010750/North Precinct/Third Watch:

On 01-13-2022 at 2219 hours, three unknown suspects contacted a male victim in the underground parking garage of 307 Ne Thorton Pl and demanded his backpack, cell phone, and car keys. Victim provided the items to the suspects and then ran away. Victim later observed his vehicle traveling east on NE 100 St while speaking with 911 on a passerby’s phone. Officers responded but did not locate any suspects.

#2022-010776/Southwest Precinct/Third Watch:

On 01-13-2022 at 2305 hours, officers responded to a report of a male who had threatened a neighbor with a firearm and made threats to harm. The parties separated on their own and the victim called 911. While on the phone with the victim, a responding officer heard a gunshot in the background. Officers contacted the victim who was not harmed. The suspect was contacted at their residence, positively identified by the victim, and taken into custody. Evidence of a shooting was recovered but no victims or damage were located. A search warrant was served on the suspect residence and multiple firearms (handguns, long guns, suppressor) were recovered. An amended search warrant also recovered narcotics with packaging to distribution. Gun Violence Reduction Unit and Homicide were notified and screened the incident.