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Tuesday – January 25, 2022

#2022-020433/East Precinct/First Watch:

On 01-25-2022 at 0845 hours, a female suspect was seen randomly lashing out and attempting to swing an unknown object at passersby on a public sidewalk. The suspect then approached a juvenile female student waiting for the bus and struck her several times in the head and face with a water bottle. The juvenile victim moved away and attempted to warn the approaching school bus to stop short, away from the suspect who was now at the bus stop. The school bus stopped next to the suspect who followed the victim onto the bus. The suspect stole the keys to the bus from ignition, assaulted the bus driver and fled on foot. Officers arrived. After a short foot pursuit the suspect was taken into custody without incident and booked into jail. Officers responded to the school. The school administrators did not request any additional follow-up or assistance.

#2022-020584/Southwest Precinct/Second Watch:

On 01-25-2022 at 1146 hours, it was reported that one car cut off the other as they both entered the parking lot of The Southwest Athletic Center/COVID Testing site. The passenger of the vehicle that had been cut off got out of the car and fired one round. Vehicle one fled E/B on SW Thistle St. The suspect vehicle followed and then fired more rounds at vehicle one. Both cars then drove in different directions. No one was hit at the time of this SIR and there was no property damage. Evidence of a shooting was located. The report will be forwarded to the Gun Violence Reduction Unit.

#2022-020855/North Precinct/Second Watch:

On 01-25-2022 at 1746 hours, for the second night in a row at the same time as before, suspects similar to those described in Monday night’s SIRs (22-19984, 22-20087, and 22-20112) assaulted/car-jacked a victim in the U-District at about 1754 hours. The victim was a food-delivery driver who momentarily left his car with the keys in it while picking up an order in the 4500 block of University Way NE. When he returned to the car, the suspects confronted him. The thin suspect used a stun-gun/taser device to contact-stun him and the heavier suspect brandished a knife. The taser suspect drove away with the car (s/b on the Ave) while the heavier suspect walked away. Area checks were negative and rush-hour foot and vehicle traffic precluded the option for a K9 track. Third Watch was notified of this recurrence and additional SPD resources responded to the area for extra patrols.

#2022-021016/South Precinct/Third Watch:

On 01-25-2022 at 2153 hours, officers responded to a 911 call of a residential burglary where the homeowner had successfully detained the suspect. The suspect had thrown a brick through a window of the victim’s attached garage, shattering it. As the suspect was in progress of making entry, the homeowner made contact with the suspect and detained them until police arrived. The suspect was arrested and after a trip to Harborview Medical Center for a medical evaluation, then was booked into King County Jail.