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Tuesday – March 15, 2022

#2022-064449/South Precinct/First Watch:

On 03-15-2022 at 0803 hours, there was a report of a shooting at Airport Way S/ S Lucile St. Updates were coming out that it was now a road rage incident between 2 vehicles. Both vehicles involved left the area and were never located. Witnesses called and spoke with officers at Airport Way S/ S Spokane St. Both witnesses stated that the suspect vehicle was driving northbound on Airport Way S and drove in oncoming traffic to pass everyone. Suspect driver then merged back into northbound lanes. A vehicle honked its horn and the driver yelled profanities at suspect driver. Suspect then yelled back, pulled out a gun and shot through the sunroof. It is unknown how many shots were fired. Suspect vehicle then took off at a high rate of speed northbound on Airport. Patrol units flooded the area but could not find the suspect vehicle.

#2022-064706/South Precinct/Second Watch:

On 03-15-2022 at 1239 hours, multiple callers reported a male, possibly in crisis or under the influence, walking through Columbia City waving around a firearm and multiple magazine cartridges. This erratic behavior caused many citizens to believe they were in danger and some businesses elected to go into lock down mode. Officers located the suspect holding the firearm. After a brief dialogue the suspect was arrested for the unlawful possession of the firearm (as they were a convicted felon) and felony harassment. The gun is possibly an unreported stolen firearm, along with the 4 magazines that contained 66 rounds (one in the chamber).

#2022-063788/West Precinct/Second Watch:

On 03-15-2022 at 1400 hours, it was reported that, in the preceding week, ICAC investigators posing as a 12-year-old female developed Probable Cause on a subject for Attempted Rape of Child and Communicating with a Minor for Immoral Purposes. The subject discussed his desire to perform specific and various sex acts with the minor child. The subject agreed to meet the minor child at a predetermined meeting location in downtown Seattle. Prior to the arrest, detectives identified the subject as a military senior non-commissioned officer serving at a military installation in Kitsap County. Once the subject arrived at the meeting location he was arrested without incident. The subject subsequently provided a full confession to his crimes to the joint interrogation team from Naval Criminal Investigative Service and SPD and booked into King County Jail. NCIS will conduct a concurrent UCMJ violation investigation along with the SPD investigation.