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Police Arrest Two After Drivers Exchange Blows with Hammer, Strike Woman With Vehicle at Pike Place Market

Police arrested two motorists at the Pike Place Market on Sunday after they exchanged blows with a hammer, and one man struck the other–and an uninvolved woman–with his vehicle.

Around 5:15 PM, a 32-year-old man in a Toyota SUV was turning into the Pike Place Market when he became involved in a verbal altercation with a 45-year-old man in a van.

During the altercation, the 45-year-old threw water toward the 32-year-old man’s SUV, and both drivers exited their vehicles and continued the confrontation.

The 32-year-old man shoved the 45-year-old to the ground, returned to his vehicle, and began driving into the market.

The van driver picked himself up off the ground, ran up to the Toyota, and struck the 32-year-old driver through his open window before returning to his van.

During that incident, a third driver—a 54-year-old man in a Mazda—pulled alongside the Toyota and engaged the 32-year-old in a verbal altercation

The two men parked their cars, and the 54-year-old exited his vehicle carrying a hammer and approached the Toyota.

The 54-year-old used the hammer to shatter the Toyota’s back window and walked back to his vehicle, leaving the hammer behind.

The 32-year-old driver retrieved the hammer and used it to smash the 54-year-old man’s windshield

The 54-year-old man then reversed his vehicle away from the 32-year-old, and then drove at him, striking the man and an uninvolved woman, who works at a nearby venue.

The 32-year-old man then got up and began striking the 54-year-old through his open window with the hammer.

A crowd began to form, disrupting the ongoing incident. Police arrived and arrested the 32-year-old and 54-year-old and booked them both into jail for assault.