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Sunday – April 17, 2022

#2022-095642/West Precinct/Third Watch:

On 04-17-2022 at 0309 hours, an officer heard shots while standing outside the West Precinct and estimated them to have come from 4th and Olive. A victim located there had been shot once in the arm. Officers rendered first aid. Shooting scene located at 4th and Virginia. Scene processed by officers and the victim was transported to Harborview Medical Center in stable/non-life-threatening condition. No additional victims/property damage located. Lt. advised.

#2022-095658/West Precinct/First Watch:

On 04-17-2022 at 0347 hours, an officer heard shots in his immediate vicinity. Multiple 1st and 3rd Watch units responded and secured the scene. Investigation showed the suspect loitering outside a closed Pioneer Square bar where staff were completing their closing duties. Subject then entered a vehicle and was seen driving around the location several times. Subject eventually shot into the bar and departed, indicating staff or the establishment were specifically targeted. No victims were hit but the bar was struck 3 times. Patrol processed the scene. Unknown suspect outstanding.

#2022-095756/West Precinct/First Watch:

On 04-17-2022 at 0819 hours, security called police to report a suspect was currently burglarizing an extremely large, multi-story building under construction. When officers arrived, the suspect disappeared somewhere into the building. His location was unknown to officers until he attempted to slide down a rope in an elevator shaft. The suspect lost his grip and fell approximately 40 feet onto a metal platform, causing injuries. Officers heard the noise and responded to the area. The suspect was located hiding behind a pallet of construction equipment after apparently dragging himself there. Seattle Fire was called, and they transported him to HMC for medical treatment.

#2022-095762/West Precinct/First Watch:

On 04-17-2022 at 0836 hours, a neighbor of a multi-story building under construction noticed a suspect pulling large amounts of wiring from the site. Police arrived and witnessed a male pulling on large wire from the side of the building. He was standing next to a truck that was full of the same kind of wiring that had fresh cut marks. Officers detained him and he admitted to stealing the wiring. He was booked into jail and the vehicle full of stolen wire and other materials was impounded, with a hold for GIU. A possible female accomplice was later located, but I&R’d. Evidence was collected.

#2022-095896/Southwest Precinct/Second Watch:

On 04-17-2022 at 1220 hours, a suspect walked into the Rite Aid located at Westwood Village. The suspect grabbed some food items and attempted to leave the store with the items. A security officer at Westwood Village attempted to stop the suspect from stealing the items, but he was pushed around by the suspect. The suspect fled the scene. An area check was completed, but the suspect wasn’t located.

#2022-096121/West Precinct/Second Watch:

On 04-17-2022 at 1712 hours, two subjects were involved in a road rage altercation at the entrance to the Pike Place Market which resulted in the two involved parties engaging in a physical fight. A third subject witnessed the altercation and got involved. After Suspect #1 of the original altercation got back into his vehicle and began to drive away, the witness decided to follow behind in his own vehicle. The witness then decided to bump his vehicle into the rear of the suspect’s vehicle. Both vehicles stopped in the roadway and the witness immediately exited his vehicle and threw a hammer through the back window of the suspect’s vehicle. The suspect then exited his vehicle, retrieved the hammer, and began smashing the windshield of the witness’s vehicle. The witness backed his vehicle up approximately 50 feet, then drove forward, swerving at, and hitting the suspect who was on foot. The witness also collided into another uninvolved person who was simply crossing the street, before colliding into the suspect’s parked vehicle. The suspect then struck the witness in the arm with the hammer before the crowd swarmed everyone and police were called. The suspect was arrested and booked for assault 2. The witness was arrested and booked for Assault 1. This incident was screened through the Traffic Collision Investigation Squad.