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Tuesday – April 26, 2022

#2022-104248/North Precinct/Second Watch:

On 04-26-2022 at 1116 hours, staff at a north Seattle middle school called SPD after hearing some students reported receiving “death threats” via Snapchat. Officers and staff determined the posts were part of a greater series of posts to/from numerous students after another student posted deliberately offensive racist comments recently. Some students later confronted that student and beat him up. His allies felt that was an over-reaction and a 14-year-old friend has posted some comments recently implying a potential for gun violence. School immediately took standard precautions with the involved kids but were unable to locate/contact the main suspect or his parent. The suspect has no record of violence or similar behaviors. The situation was screened with GVRU and GIU. PC was not established but officers responded to the suspect’s last known address. He and his guardian were not home. Arrangements are being made to provide a visible SPD presence outside the school for the rest of the week.

#2022-104703/West Precinct/Third Watch:

On 04-26-2022 at 2013 hours, a Harley Davidson motorcycle was travelling southbound on 15 A W approaching Newton St when a Hyundai Elantra emerged from the Whole Foods parking lot into the path of the motorcycle. The adult male motorcyclist was ejected from the motorcycle and sustained substantial bodily harm; he was transported to HMC via Medic Unit. The adult male driver of the vehicle attempted to leave the scene but was unable to do so because of disabling damage to his vehicle. He was contacted by officers who observed signs of impairment; he was processed for DUI and was expected to be booked into KCJ for Inv. Of Vehicular Assault. TCIS Detectives responded to the scene and conducted the investigation.

#2022-104718/North Precinct/Third Watch:

On 04-26-2022 at 2031 hours, a male called 911 to report that an unknown male had broken into his home, fired rounds at his family pictures and sprayed a fire extinguisher all over the basement. The updates given to the 911 caller indicated the caller was most likely in crisis. Upon arriving, officers spoke to the complainant and quickly ascertained this was a crisis call. A search of the home returned with evidence of multiple rounds being fired in the basement area which was in complete disarray. The subject was suffering from delusional and paranoid ideations. The officers learned the subject had previously fired rounds in a prohibited area and had guns seized by KCSO last year. The firearm and ammunition were secured, and the subject was ITA’d. A DCR was notified, and the commitment process was initiated for the subject.