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Saturday – May 21, 2022

#2022-127831/Southwest Precinct/First Watch:

On 05-21-2022 at 0656 hours, officers were in the area behind the Target located at the 2800 BLK of SW Barton St. Officers saw a vehicle and ran the license plate. The vehicle was taken in an armed robbery involving a firearm on 5/18/22 in South Seattle (case# 22-125509). Officers asked for additional units. Once officers realized the vehicle was occupied (driver’s seat of the vehicle) they slowed the scene down. Officers attempted to conduct a high-risk vehicle stop using the PA and sirens. The suspect remained inside the vehicle asleep under a blanket. HNT and SWAT were notified about the situation. Eventually the suspect was taken into custody. Robbery was notified, and the suspect was taken to the Robbery Unit. The vehicle was taken to the processing room. As of right now the suspect is being booked for possession of a stolen vehicle.

#2022-125142/North Precinct/First Watch:

On 05-21-2022 at 1026 hours, a suspect robbed the U.S. bank located at 815 NE Northgate Way. The suspected presented a demand letter claiming he was armed with a bomb. No device was observed or shown. The victim complied and provided the suspect with cash and a tracking device. The device led officers to an apartment building at 11050 8th Ave North where officers heard an audible “chirp” indicating the device was in a locked bathroom in the public lobby. Officers heard the suspect flush the toilet several times and believed he was trying to dispose of evidence. Approximately ten minutes later, the suspect came out on his own accord and cooperated with officers. The suspect’s vehicle was located in the parking lot and the clothing used during the robbery was visible on the passenger seat. The wet money was found in the bathroom, wedged between the toilet and the wall. The suspect was interviewed by SPD Robbery at the scene, confessed to the robbery, and admitted to flushing the tracking device. The suspect also confessed to two other bank robberies. One was from Thursday, also with the threat of a bomb. A search incident to arrest located money belong to the bank on the suspect’s person. Suspect was booked into KCJ for investigation of three bank robberies. The vehicle was confirmed to be stolen. No explosive devices were located.

#2022-127982/Southwest Precinct/First Watch:

On 05-21-2022 at 1033 hours, a male suspect walked inside the Sally Beauty store located at Westwood Village (2600 SW Barton St). The suspect walked inside the establishment and pointed a firearm at the victim. The suspect told the victim that he would shoot her if she didn’t hand over the money. The suspect took over $350 and left the area on foot. Guardian 1 and K9 were requested, but they weren’t available at this time. Officers searched the area for the suspect, but they didn’t locate him. Westwood Village security was notified, and the incident was screened with The SPD Robbery Unit.

#2022-128226/North Precinct/Second Watch:

On 05-21-2022 at 1559 hours, officers responded to reports of a car being stolen with a child inside. Bystanders intervened and the suspect fled on foot. One bystander was injured during the struggle. Multiple bystanders pursued the suspect on foot until officers arrived. The suspect was taken into custody without incident. The suspect said he swallowed narcotics and was transported to HMC with guard.

#2022-128460/Southwest Precinct/Third Watch:

On 05-21-2022 at 2059 hours, officers responded to the 2700 block of Harbor Ave SW to an initial report of a motorcycle vs vehicle collision. On arrival it was determined to be a single motorcycle collision involving only one rider. The rider displayed significant injuries with Seattle Fire arriving shortly after officers. A crowd had surrounded the scene, but no one on scene at that time could provide any eyewitness account of what happened. Witnesses were eventually located nearby but did not report any out of the ordinary circumstances that led to the motorcycle losing control. SFD transported the rider from the scene with life-threatening injuries. TCIS was contacted and screened the incident. Patrol processed the scene, keeping Harbor Ave SW closed during the investigation.

#2022-128502/North Precinct/Third Watch:

On 05-21-2022 at 2153 hours, a victim got into a verbal altercation with suspects, one of which (S1) the victim knew. The second female suspect (S2) rammed their vehicle into the victim’s vehicle. S2 then exited their vehicle and smashed the windshield of the victim vehicle. S1 proceeded to use a BB gun to shoot out the victim’s vehicle windows. S1 then attempted to run over the victim as they drove away from the scene. Area check had negative results. Patrol processed the scene.