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Friday – June 24, 2022

#2022-161468/West Precinct/Second Watch:

On 06-24-2022 at 1311 hours, officers were dispatched to a robbery located within the 1000 block of S Jackson St. There were multiple victims who sustained injuries from the suspect. According to victims, the suspect had returned several times to the business to steal merchandise and became assaultive when staff confronted the suspect. When officers arrived in the area, the suspect was identified and arrested. Officers completed a thorough investigation and booked the suspect into YSC.

#2022-161555/North Precinct/Second Watch:

On 06-24-2022 at 1503 hours, an S-DOT Parking Enforcement Officer asked for patrol assistance for a suspect causing a disturbance at an on-viewed collision, adding that he had just placed a gun inside her PEO scooter. Seconds later she announced that the suspect was now assaulting someone. Radio toned out a HELP. Meanwhile, the PEO locked her scooter so the suspect could not access the weapon. The suspect had been attempting to steal the victim’s car keys and trying to take his official UW vehicle because the suspect’s vehicle had become undrivable due to multiple collisions. The victim tried to stop him and was assaulted for it. The suspect stopped assaulting him when SPD arrived, and he was taken into custody without reportable force. The victim sustained apparently minor facial injuries and was sent to hospital for evaluation. The suspect’s loaded gun was recovered from PEO scooter and placed into evidence. The suspect’s ruined vehicle had obvious bullet holes in the driver’s door and the floor was covered with spent and unspent ammunition. It was taken to the SPD Processing Room. The same car had left a trail of occupied (but non-injury) hit & run collisions on Aurora before ending in Fremont. It was learned that it had been stolen during a carjacking with shots fired in Snohomish County. Lynnwood PD detectives came to the North Precinct. With the agreement of SPD Robbery, the suspect was transferred to their custody for booking into Snohomish County Jail for multiple aggravated felonies in their jurisdiction, pending charges for the SPD incident(s).

#2022-161558/Southwest Precinct/Second Watch:

On 06-24-2022 at 1505 hours, officers responded to a shooting near Highland Park WY SW and W Marginal WY SW. Upon arrival, they located the victim and his vehicle. The victim’s vehicle had three bullet holes in it. The victim stated he observed drivers of two older sedans racing each from the Chelan Cafe heading southbound on W Marginal WY SW. The victim, who was not involved in the racing, stated that when he caught up to one of the vehicles (mint green older Honda Civic) he confronted the driver and passenger about the reckless driving. Heated words were exchanged between all parties and ended when both the driver and passenger of the Honda Civic shot at the victim’s vehicle. The suspects then fled the scene heading south bound towards Tukwila Shell. Evidence of a shooting was recovered the scene and a bullet fragment from the victim’s vehicle. No injuries to the victim. GVRU was notified.

#2022-161573/West Precinct/Second Watch:

On 06-24-2022 at 1511 hours, due to the recent Supreme Court decision, hundreds of people gathered in the streets of downtown Seattle. Two very large groups formed. One at Westlake Park and the second at the Federal Building 915 2nd Ave. Both groups eventually marched, causing significant traffic delays. During both events, some property damage was reportedly caused by individuals. One arrest was made for assault and obstruction. Media was advised.

#2022-161634/East Precinct/Second Watch:

On 06-24-2022 at 1615 hours, an incident took place at the Crisis Solution Center, 1600 S Lane St. The suspect entered the building from a window that they had broken out. They then proceeded to a staff bathroom and barricaded inside. While inside they caused felony levels of property destruction, to include removing a sink from the wall causing severe flooding. SWAT and HNT were deployed to the scene and eventually they were taken into custody without incident. They were transported to HMC and later KCJ for burglary, property destruction, and an outstanding warrant.

#2022-161833/West Precinct/Second Watch:

On 06-24-2022 at 2005 hours, during the SCOTUS/Roe v. Wade protest, two victims were standing on the sidewalk holding a sign that said, “Your body your responsibility.” As the protest marched by them, approximately 15 suspects dressed in all black surrounded them, sprayed them with pepper spray, threw them to the ground and took the sign from them. The group of suspects then mixed back into the march. The victims suffered minor cuts and scrapes and the pain from the pepper spray. Media, Bias Crime, Violent Crimes and Homicide notified.

#2022-161953/North Precinct/Third Watch:

On 06-24-2022 at 2230 hours, 911 received a call of shots being fired in the area of N 137 ST / Wallingford AV N. Caller stated a white BMW was seen fleeing the area. A vehicle matching the description was located nearby and was stopped. Occupants contacted and no firearm was located after consent to search. One occupant arrested on unrelated warrant. No shooting scene located / no injuries reported.