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Thursday – July 7, 2022

#2022-174108/West Precinct/Third Watch:

On 07-07-2022 at 0129 hours, officers on-viewed a large encampment fire located at S. Dearborn St and the I-5 off ramp. Officers began evacuating the encampment. Seattle Fire arrived and extinguished the fire. SFD advised that there appeared to be more than 15 exploded propane tanks and countless others that had not exploded. Additionally, apparent ammunition could be heard popping off during the fire. SFD also advised that there was possibly magnesium burning, based on a large white flame that was observed. SFD advised that the fire marshal would not be responding. SPD’s ABS was advised. WSDOT was advised as well due to the fire scorching the bottom of a freeway ramp.

#2022-174167/South Precinct/First Watch:

On 07-07-2022 at 0354 hours, the victim, an UBER driver, who had finished up in the early morning hours in Lynnwood took a short nap before returning home. Victim did not believe he was followed from Lynnwood home. He arrived at 51 Ave S / Rainier Ave S. when a vehicle was noticed behind the victim. The vehicle followed him into the apartment complex where there is currently no security. As the victim cleared a speed bump the suspect vehicle bumped his rear bumper. Victim stopped to look at the damage and 2 suspects used this opportunity to approach the victim with guns, one put the muzzle to the victim’s head and told him to back away from the car. The 2 suspects then got in and drove away with the victim’s car. Two additional suspects in the suspect vehicle also drove away. Both vehicles with the 4 suspects fled southbound on Seward Park Ave S. Incident screened with Robbery.

#2022-174463/North Precinct/First Watch:

On 07-07-2022 at 1059 hours, a victim reported an unknown suspect poured sugar in the gas tank of his vehicle and left a note on the vehicle containing bias language and threats to kill. The victim believes he was targeted due to his religious affiliation. An alert email was routed.

#2022-174907/West Precinct/Third Watch:

On 07-07-2022 at 1946 hours, officers responded to Seattle Fire Station 20 for a property damage call. Upon arrival officers confirmed that multiple windows on the upper level of the fire station were cracked after being hit with what appears to be pellets from a pellet gun. Additionally, a nearby bus stop was also damaged. There were no witnesses or suspect descriptions available.