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Sunday – July 10, 2022

#2022-177874/South Precinct/Second Watch:

On 07-10-2022 at 1516 hours, officers were investigating a collision at ML King JR WY S and S Henderson ST. Seattle Fire was also on scene, providing first aid to occupants of a vehicle. One of the vehicle’s occupants was extremely intoxicated and would not stop interfering with Seattle Fire’s attempts to provide aid to others. After asking the individual several times to step away, Seattle Fire asked Seattle PD to physically remove her from the scene. When officers attempted to escort her from the scene, she kicked, hit, and punched an officer. Officers arrested the individual for assault and obstructing. Lt. screened the assault on the officer.

#2022-178040/North Precinct/Second Watch:

On 07-10-2022 at 1836 hours, officers were dispatched to the 5600 block of 20 Av NW regarding reports of a shooting. Officers arrived on scene and spoke with several witnesses who reported a male firing shots from his vehicle. The description of the male and the vehicle differed between witnesses. Officers found evidence of a shooting. No victims were reported, and no obvious damage was located.

#2022-178165/West Precinct/Third Watch:

On 07-10-2022 at 2113 hours, officers were dispatched to an assault where the victim stated the suspect called him a racial slur. The victim then got into a verbal altercation with the suspect. When the victim began to pick up his backpack and walk away the suspect punched him in the face, causing him to bleed from his mouth. The victim told officers he felt the suspect started the confrontation and ultimately assaulted him because of his race. Seattle Fire responded and treated the victim. Officers conducted an area check but did not locate the suspect.

#2022-178230/South Precinct/Third Watch:

On 07-10-2022 at 2255 hours, officers were dispatched to a shooting call near S Burns St and 39th Ave S. Officers arrived and located an adult female with a gunshot wound to her leg and torso. Officers provided medical aid to the victim until fire arrived. The victim was transported to HMC in stable condition. Officers determined that shots were fired from a vehicle that stopped in front of the victim’s house. Evidence of a shooting was recovered. The vehicle fled the scene prior to officers’ arriving.

#2022-178277/East Precinct/Third Watch:

On 07-10-2022 at 2357 hours, officers responded to a concert hall in the area of 14 Av / E Fir St for a report of 50+ shots heard. Upon arrival, hundreds of people were fleeing in all directions on foot and in cars. Officers located two people who sustained injuries by trying to escape. Evidence of a shooting was located in the parking lot and throughout the block but no gunshot victims were located despite the density of the crowd. Patrol processed the scene and noted multiple damaged vehicles/buildings. A fleeing vehicle was involved in a collision nearby and was impounded to the processing room after the driver/occupants fled the scene. Then vehicle is believed to have been involved in the shooting.