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Saturday – July 16, 2022

#2022-183728/North Precinct/Third Watch

On 07-16-2022 at 0249 hours, the victim entered a restaurant in the 5200 block of University Way Northeast and told staff he’d been shot in the face. Responding officers were on scene within one minute and spoke with the uncooperative victim who refused to provide useful information. SFD responded and determined the victim sustained a significant injury to the left side of his face, possibly a laceration, and a possible bullet wound in his left shoulder. Both injuries were non-life threatening. No scene, witnesses or firearms evidence located. Victim was transported by SFD to Harborview

#2022-184045/West Precinct/Second Watch

On 07-16-2022 at 1209 hours officers responded to a harassment incident at an apartment complex at 4th Avenue and Clay Street. The suspect was armed with a handgun and officers developed probable cause of felony harassment. The suspect left the scene on foot, heading towards the Seattle Center Grounds. Officers took the suspect into custody.

#2022-184107/North Precinct/Second Watch

On 07-16-2022 at 1302 hours, North Precinct officers responded to a male with a knife threatening another man. Officer arrived and contacted the victim who stated he had arrived at his place of business to find an unknown male smoking narcotics in the parking lot. The victim, who was armed with a handgun in a holster on his belt, told the suspect to leave the premises or he would call the police. The suspect threw his shoe at the victim and refused to leave. The suspect saw that the victim had a handgun on his hip, to which he began taunting the victim by demanding that he shoot the suspect. The suspect pulled out a knife and threatened to stab the victim several times. The victim was afraid the suspect would stab him and called 911. The suspect left the scene once he realized the victim had called police. However, officers arrived quickly and located the suspect a short distance away. The victim positively identified the suspect. The suspect was placed under arrest for Felony Harassment and a felony warrant. Officers booked the suspect into jail.

#2022-184184/West Precinct/Second Watch

On 07-16-2022 at 1425, a woman in crisis punched a three-year-old child in the face while the child was in a stroller. Witnesses pointed the suspect out to arriving officers who attempted to arrest her. The suspect then punched an officer in the face and kicked another officer in the chest. Officers were able to take her into custody.

#2022-184155/Southwest Precinct/Second Watch

On 07-16-2022 at 1342 hours officers responded with Seattle Fire for reports of a large structure fire at a multi-unit construction site in the 9400 block of 20th Ave Southwest. Fire Marshall 5 was on scene and determined the fire to be an arson, which resulted in extensive damage to at least one unit. A major arterial was closed due to the size of the fire and response, which impacted traffic in the area. ABS responded and will conduct follow-up.