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Monday – August 22, 2022

#2022-222120/North Precinct/Third Watch:

On 08-22-2022 at 0044 hours, a victim showed up at UW Medical Center ER with a gunshot wound to his leg. He initially stated he shot himself but later stated he’d been shot in the 10000 block of Aurora, near the IHOP parking area and drove himself to the hospital. The individual stated he had no suspect information. Officers responded to that location and located evidence.

#2022-222641/North Precinct/Second Watch:

On 08-22-2022 at 1700 hours, GVRU assisted the U.S. Marshal’s Taskforce locate and arrest a suspect in Shoreline. The suspect had an outstanding warrant for his arrest related to a shooting that occurred on 07-24-2022 in the Northgate area. The suspect was in possession of a handgun and suspected narcotics. The suspect was booked into KCJ.

#2022-222804/West Precinct/Third Watch:

On 08-22-2022 at 1735 hours, a male in crisis with previous suicide attempts texted a friend that he was hearing voices. The male made several comments to responding officers that he was God and could fly out the window. Prior to retreating into his apartment, officers grasped the arms of the male for ITA purposes. The male tensed and struggled to free himself. Officers verbalized and conducted a controlled team-takedown resulting in a rug burn to the male’s left knee. Subject transported to Swedish Cherry Hill for mental evaluation. Level 2 use of force review initiated.

#2022-222896/North Precinct/Third Watch:

On 08-22-2022 at 1946 hours, a suspect ran into a sporting goods store and told employees to call police because people were trying to kill him. The suspect then went back outside, fired a single round from a handgun into the air, briefly came back to the store, and then began wandering the parking lot holding the gun. As officers were arriving, the suspect hid the gun in some bushes. The suspect was arrested and booked into KCJ, the firearm and evidence were recovered. Firearm was not reported stolen.

#2022-222957/Southwest Precinct/Third Watch:

On 08-22-2022 at 2118 hours, while a victim was out walking her dog, she noticed a suspect following her. As the victim began to walk faster back to her home the suspect walked faster to keep pace. The victim arrived back home and observed the suspect open the gate to her front yard and walk through, he then proceeded to walk to the side of the house where he entered the fully fenced back yard through a 6-foot gate. Once in the back yard the suspect repeatedly attempted to enter the home via a side door. When officers arrived the suspect was gone, however, after a negative area check the officers received another call from the victim stating the suspect had returned. The suspect was taken into custody without incident. The suspect was declined at KCJ for medical reasons and sent to HMC with hospital guard.

#2022-222998/North Precinct/Third Watch:

On 08-22-2022 at 2222 hours, a female victim was sitting alone at a picnic table doing her homework when she was approached by a suspect. The suspect yelled at the victim and made racially-based comments. The suspect threw a clipboard at the victim and punched the victim in the head. The suspect ran off to the nearby light rail station. Units responded to conduct an area check but could not locate the suspect. The victim was not seriously injured and was provided a courtesy ride home.