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Friday – September 2, 2022

#2022-233262/East Precinct/Third Watch:

On 09-02-2022 at 0137 hours, officers witnessed a subject urinating in public on a building in the 900 block of E Pike St. The suspect subsequently spit on an officer and tried to headbutt another officer. He was taken into custody and ended up with a bloody nose, claiming his face hit the sidewalk. The incident was screened with FIT and is being investigated as a Type II Use of Force. Once placed in the patrol vehicle, the suspect kicked the window bars hard enough to bend the door frame and also slammed his head into the partition. The suspect was eventually booked into KCJ for Assault 3 and Malicious Mischief 2 after a medical decline for a self-inflicted head laceration against the partition of the patrol vehicle. No officers were injured. Hazard reports were completed.

#2022-233833/North Precinct/Second Watch:

On 09-02-2022 at 1714 hours, two SPD units arrived at report of two people passed out in a parked car in a parking lot. The call had been holding since 1557 but they were still there. The occupants were awakened and compliant and admitted to having used drugs earlier. Officers were preparing to process the driver for Physical Control when the suspect suddenly started the car and rammed both patrol cars before turning down an alley to flee. Neither officer was injured, and no pursuit occurred. One SPD vehicle sustained minor damage. The driver had already identified herself to the officers, and this information was soon verified. A check of the car owner’s address and suspect’s last known addresses were negative.

#2022-233954/North Precinct/Second Watch:

On 09-02-2022 at 1816 hours, an electric bicycle was traveling SB on 24 Av NW in the bike lane at around 35-40 miles per hour. A Silver SUV made a west bound turn from 24 AV NW without seeing the electric bicycle which caused the bicyclist to collide into the front passenger side of the vehicle. The bicyclist flew off the bike and onto to the pavement without a helmet causing a substantial TBI and a compound fracture to his leg. He was transported by SFD to HMC. The other driver was evaluated and determined to not be impaired.

#2022-234062/North Precinct/Third Watch:

On 09-02-2022 at 2003 hours, a suspect who has been known to engage in bias-based harassment accosted a victim outside a restaurant. He berated the victim, shouting obscenities and using language that was bias-based and derogatory. He threatened to assault and kill her, placing her in fear. The victim also reported being assaulted by the suspect in April, receiving a black eye. The suspect was arrested without incident and booked into KCJ. Lt was notified, as were the appropriate follow-up units.