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Tuesday – September 6, 2022

#2022-237254/North Precinct/Third Watch:

On 09-06-2022 at 0109 hours, a caller texted 911 to report a male in a parking lot, pointing a handgun at him. The caller gave a description of the suspect vehicle and the location where it was last seen. Upon arriving, officers found four subjects standing around four parked cars. One matched the suspect vehicle description. The four subjects were detained. Firearms were visible in two of the vehicles along with a large amount of cash. None of the subjects would admit to possessing any of the vehicles, or the items within. They were identified and released. The vehicles were searched incident to impound and a total of four firearms were recovered, 100 Oxycodone (possibly Fentanyl) pills, and $2880 in cash were placed into evidence. All four vehicles were towed, three vehicles for processing and the other due to the fact it was left running in a private lot. GVRU and Homicide were notified. One vehicle matched the description of a suspect vehicle fleeing a drive-by shooting (#22-236256) and had a bullet hole in the left rear quarter panel.

#2022-237466/West Precinct/First Watch:

On 09-06-2022 at 0912 hours, SPD Harbor units and patrol responded to a call of a struggling person in the water refusing any assistance to exit the water. The person was reported to be about 50′ out in the water, floating and stating they were injured. Harbor 2 made contact and the person was taken onto the harbor boat voluntarily. The person appeared to be in crisis and very confused. Harbor 2 took the person to the dock, and they were evaluated by SFD. It was determined this person was involved in two other calls in the area where they reported being chased by people with guns. They stated they jumped into the water to get away from the people chasing them. The person stated they wanted to voluntarily go to the hospital for treatment as this happens when they mix alcohol and narcotics. They were transported to the hospital by AMR.

#2022-237338/West Precinct/First Watch:

On 09-06-2022 at 0507 hours, officers responded to a request by SFD to an apartment fire. Suspect had set various items on fire three different times over the course of the night in his apartment. The third time, SFD had to force entry into the apartment, ignore the suspect’s request not to enter, and extinguish a pile of burning debris. The fire suppression system flooded the apartment and adjacent hallway. Over a hundred tenants were impacted by suspect’s actions. Suspect booked for Arson 1. Fire Marshal on scene. SPD’s ABS notified.