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Friday – November 11, 2022

#2022-303267/West Precinct/First Watch:

On 11-11-2022 at 0954 hours, a detective, while conducting directed patrol in the Pike/Pine corridor, observed a male dealing illegal narcotics. He witnessed several transactions, developing probable cause for VUCSA Delivery. Detective coordinated the arrest of the suspect with backing officers. The suspect was found in possession of a Glock replica BB gun, 9.6 grams of meth, 95 blues, and cash. He was subsequently booked into KCJ.

#2022-303635/East Precinct/Second Watch:

At 1730 hours, a male victim had just walked out of a restroom outside the Garfield Community Center when he was approached by two males in ski masks. When the victim saw this, he ran from the suspects but was quickly caught and thrown to the ground. The two suspects began to beat the victim and then stole his wallet and cellphone. There were several adult witnesses to the assault who tried to stop the beating, but the suspects turned on them and motioned to their waistbands and made a gesture that implied they would pull out a gun, which made the witnesses back off. The suspects then ran southbound from the scene onto the Garfield HS campus. The victim and witnesses described the suspects as two males, late teens to adults. Officers searched the area but could not locate the suspects. Officers did recover some of the victim’s property where it had been discarded on the high school campus. The victim was treated for his injuries by Seattle Fire at the scene.

#2022-303792/West Precinct/Third Watch:

At 2124 hours, officers responded to an assault in the 1100 block of 4 Av. Upon arrival they contacted one of two victims who stated that he and his boyfriend were approached by an unknown suspect who made derogatory comments before assaulting victim 1. The suspect then chased victim 1 and returned a short time later where he assaulted victim 2. Victim 2 believes the assault was bias based. Victim 1 and the suspect are currently outstanding. Lt. advised. Alert email sent.

#2022-303796/East Precinct/Third Watch:

At 2134 hours, a suspect was arrested for punching club security in the 900 BLK of E Pike ST. During the arrest the suspect kicked an officer in the knee. The officer was uninjured. The suspect continued to be combative during transport and intentionally struck her head against the patrol vehicle partition, causing a small cut on her forehead. Suspect was subsequently declined at King County Jail for the self-inflicted injury. Suspect was transported to Harborview with hospital guard. Evidence was collected Suspect will be booked on Assault 4, Assault 3, and resisting arrest charges once medically cleared from Harborview.

#2022-303872/West Precinct/Third Watch:

At 2330 hours, officers on bar emphasis on-viewed a disturbance near 2 Ave Ext S and Yesler Way that evolved into the suspect brandishing a firearm outside the vehicle as it drove off. Officers stopped the vehicle, detained the suspect, and searched the vehicle with consent of the owner and recovered two firearms. Suspect was booked for unlawful use of weapons.