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Detectives Seek Additional Victims of Rental Equipment Business Fraud

Police are investigating whether a man operating several fraudulent equipment rental companies may have victimized other citizens in the Seattle and Tacoma areas. Detectives are releasing details about the ongoing case in the hopes that additional possible fraud victims will come forward to receive police assistance.

The suspect operates several businesses in Tacoma, Parkland, and Spanaway, including: Truck Rentals Co., Bobcat Rentals Co., Anytime Rentals Co., Seattle Equipment, Bobcat Plumbing, Bubba Rents, Bubba Gump Group, Divisions Maintenance Group, Royal Cove Capital, Boyd Tree Service, Equipment Rental Co., and Snow Removal Co. 

The man has found some of his victims by advertising on sites like He asked subjects to invest in equipment like dump trucks or other heavy machinery and pledged to split the profits of renting out that equipment with the investor.

The suspect then offered to manage the initial purchase of the machinery and the subsequent rental business. He gained access to victims’ bank accounts and personal information and opened new accounts in their names. Additionally, the man withheld all rental profits from investors, and placed himself on the titles of the purchased equipment, making him the legal owner of the equipment rather than the investors.

If you believe you have been defrauded by this suspect in a similar scheme, please contact Detective Monique Avery via email: