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Thursday – November 17, 2022

#2022-308555/South Precinct/First Watch:

On 11-17-2022 at 0504 hours, subjects broke into a commercial business. Victim business owner called 911. Two officer unit arrived a short time later and encountered the subjects actively moving property. Subjects attempted to flee into the darkened business & storage area. They were located and taken into custody. One suspect complained of breathing issues and Seattle Fire responded. Subject taken to hospital and found to have a cut to forehead suffered during his attempt to hide from police. Subjects’ car had a list of businesses to apparently hit. Suspect vehicle sealed up, taken to precinct, search warrant obtained. Burglary tools, cash register, and a stolen handgun recovered. Subject 1- booked to KCJ. Subject 2 booking pending discharge from HMC.

#2022-308698/South Precinct/First Watch:

At 0845 hours, subject had a victim’s car for a few hours and was observed entering and exiting it by a witness. Officer spotted possible suspect near the vehicle dump site and kept eyes on him. Subject was being detained and when he realized more officers were on the way tried to resist the stop by pushing officer away. That officer kept hold of the subject and began a take down. Two officer unit arrived and assisted with the take down and arrest of subject. The witness provided a positive ID of the suspect. Subject suffered a bloody nose and complained of his ribs. SFD evaluated subject. Subject accepted at KCJ for PSP-Stolen vehicle. Force screened with LT of FIT. No KCJ decline. Type 2 Use of Force Report being completed. Additional info: as the victim pursued his vehicle the subject struck another civilian vehicle and drove away prior to dumping the vehicle.

#2022-309418/West Precinct/Third Watch:

On 11-17-2022 at 2241 hours, officers responded to what was reported as a burglary. Upon arrival officers contacted the caller who was a dispatcher for SDOT. The dispatcher explained that an unknown individual threw a concrete paver through a window and followed that up by throwing a burning cardboard box through the broken window and into the building. There was minor scorching to a small area of the carpet. ABS advised.

#2022-309409/Southwest Precinct/Third Watch:

At 2226 hours, officers responded to reports of shots heard in the 6000 block of Croft Pl SW. Officers arrived and spoke with one witness who stated she heard five shots outside her home and a vehicle speeding away following the shots. The caller was unable to provide details about the vehicle or suspects. Officers located evidence of a shooting and processed the scene. No injuries or damage were located at/near the scene.