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Saturday – January 7, 2023

#2022-006206/West Precinct/First Watch:

On 01-07-2023 at 0858 hours, a known subject experiencing a behavioral episode grabbed a random victim from behind and would not let her go. An officer heard the victim yelling for help and stopped their patrol vehicle. The subject then charged the officer’s patrol vehicle while still holding onto the victim, the subject then slammed the victim into the patrol vehicle; the subject then assaulted the officer while the officer was in the patrol vehicle. A Use of Force occurred, and the subject was taken into custody; Subject is currently at HMC with hospital guard. During this incident one officer was assaulted and suffered minor injuries. Another responding officer also suffered minor injuries.

#2023-006597/Southwest Precinct/Second Watch:

At 1740 hours, a vehicle was traveling in the 1000 block of SW Klickitat WY When the driver apparently lost control of the vehicle and collided head-on into one of the pillars of the West Seattle Bridge. The driver and the passenger were transported to HMC via AMR to be treated for non-life-threatening injuries. The driver was apparently not impaired. Speed and weather conditions appear to have been contributing factors. SDOT and City Light responded.

#2023-006670/East Precinct/Third Watch:

At 1918 hours, officers were dispatched to the 800 BLK of Spring St for a report of a burglary. The resident was forced out of their unit by an unknown person after running outside to grab a food delivery and coming back to find their unit occupied by a male stranger with a guitar. The suspect physically pushed the resident out of the unit, claiming he had a gun and would shoot and kill the resident if they tried to come back in. Officers set up containment on the unit and HNT was called out to attempt communication. The suspect refused to speak to officers, instead choosing to play his guitar. A search warrant was drafted, and SWAT responded to the scene. As SWAT was arriving, the suspect came out, where he was taken into custody. The suspect was later booked into King County Jail for burglary, as well as a felony warrant for a previous burglary.

#2023-006844/East Precinct/Third Watch:

At 2306 hours, officers responded to the 1500 BLK of Minor AV for a report of shots fired. Officers arrived and located several witnesses outside a popular bar who stated a suspect had been shooting at an unknown person on the street in front. Officers located evidence of a shooting, 2 vehicles with bullet damage, a shattered business window, and a bullet fragment in the street. No victims were identified. An area check for the suspect was conducted with negative results. Patrol processed the scene. GVRU notified.