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Officers Recover Stolen Vehicles, Packages, Bicycles From Vacant Building in South Lake Union

SPD detectives are investigating after officers found several stolen, disassembled vehicles and stolen packages inside a garage on a vacant city-owned property in South Lake Union early this morning.

Officers were on patrol around 4:45 a.m. when they saw a running vehicle parked in a vacant building under development near Roy Street and Westlake Avenue North.

Police have received previous 911 reports of trespassing, stolen property incidents, and other crimes at the location and approached the building to investigate.

As officers approached, they saw a person inside the garage, holding a chain used to open the garage door. When the person holding the chain noticed officers through the open door, they released the chain, closing the garage door.

Officers confirmed no one was supposed to be on the property—which is owned by the Seattle Department of Transportation—and called for the Seattle Fire Department to help them access the boarded-up building.

When police gained access to the garage, they found three vehicles inside—including a stolen van and a stolen truck, both in varying states of disassembly—and heard footsteps on the roof of the building.

Police ascended to the roof but were unable to locate anyone.

Back inside the garage, officers recovered multiple bicycles and an e-bike, found several tents set up inside, as well as several packages addressed to nearby residences. Officers also seized a crossbow, collectible trading cards and figurines, a violin, saxophone, and firearm accessories.

The investigation is ongoing.