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Officers Seize Gun After Early Saturday Arrest of Teens in Stolen Car

Police arrested two teenagers – one with a gun and one driving a stolen car – early Saturday morning in South Beacon Hill.

At 5:18 a.m., two officers riding in a car together were on their way to join another two officers who had already arrived at a disturbance in the 7200 block of 38th Avenue South. The two officers still on their way saw a Hyundai with no lights on run a red light near Holly Park Drive South and South Myrtle Place. The Hyundai then turned on to 38th Avenue South and was blocked in by a bus, a truck and the other two officers’ car – the suspects unknowingly drove to precisely where the police were headed.

Seeing they were blocked in, the driver and passenger immediately ran from the car. The driver was in such a hurry he forgot to put the car in park and it rolled forward and hit an unoccupied parked car. After a brief foot pursuit, officers arrested both of the vehicle occupants.

The Hyundai was reported stolen, so the 16-year-old driver was arrested for possession of a stolen vehicle.

The 15-year-old passenger had a gun in his waistband, so he was arrested for unlawful possession of a firearm. Officers also learned he had a warrant related to a drive-by shooting.

Both suspects were booked into the Children and Family Justice Center.