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Sunday – February 5, 2023

#2023-033931/Southwest Precinct/Third Watch:

On 02-05-2023 at 0023 hours, officers responded to Hamilton Viewpoint Park for a report of shots fired near the entrance. Witnesses reported vehicles fleeing the scene, but no specific descriptions were provided other than a black sedan or silver SUV. No Suspect(s), Victim(s), or Property Damage were located for the incident. Patrol processed the scene and evidence of a shooting was recovered from the entrance to the park for submission. GVRU was notified.

#2023-034033/East Precinct/First Watch:

At 0355 hours, callers reported hearing 6 shots and seeing a black sedan driving away with its lights off. Officers arrived and located evidence of a shooting in the street. Officers located damage to a window of an occupied home and confirmed no injuries. The homeowner told officers that a similar incident had occurred in the past. Screened with GVRU.

#2023-034091/East Precinct/First Watch:

At 0558 hours, two unknown males entered a convenience store with masks on. Two salesclerks were working at the front registers at the time. One of the suspects chased a clerk to a back area while the other suspect displayed a handgun and fired a round in the air. The suspect demanded cash from the registers and the clerk opened both of them. The suspect hit the front clerk on the head with his fist and took both tills from the register. The victim said the suspect ran out and got into a vehicle, but they could not give a description of it. Officers were unable to find specific damage relating to the fired round. The victim was treated at the scene by Seattle Fire and declined any further treatment. The store owner was notified and was headed there. Incident screened with Robbery.

#2023-034350/North Precinct/Second Watch:

At 1340 hours, officers responded to DESC facility to investigate threats to staff. Officers spoke with the victim and learned that a male resident came to the reception desk, banged on the window, and made threats to kill staff. The suspect reportedly went back upstairs after making the threat. Officers attempted to contact the suspect at his room with no response. It was later learned that the suspect had retreated into another resident’s room to avoid police contact. While in the room the suspect suffered a medical emergency and collapsed. The resident of that room notified police when he heard them in the hallway. Officers located the suspect down in the room unconscious. They assessed the suspect and noted he was not breathing and had no pulse. Three officers began chest compressions while a fourth officer called for Seattle Fire and escorted them to the room. SFD took over from officers and were able to successfully resuscitate the suspect.

#2023-034693/East Precinct/Third Watch:

At 2154 hours, officers observed a vehicle run a red light and attempted a traffic stop. The vehicle drove away at a high rate of speed and officers deactivated their lights. The vehicle continued to accelerate through the next red light and ended up striking another vehicle, totaling both vehicles. Two suspects fled from the vehicle and officers initiated a foot pursuit. The passenger was captured and arrested for obstruction. Vehicle came back stolen in an armed robbery with a gun the previous day. A stolen firearm with an automatic switch and extended magazine was recovered inside the vehicle. The vehicle was processed at the scene due to the condition and additional evidence was recovered and submitted. The juvenile suspect was interviewed and released from the hospital to be seen for minor injuries sustained in the collision. Robbery and TCIS notified.