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SPD’s Tweets By Beat Accounts Not Impacted by Changes at Twitter

UPDATE: 2/9/23, 2:06 PM:

Based on an announcement from Twitter yesterday, SPD’s Tweets by Beat accounts will no longer be impacted by a change to Twitter API. This means all Tweets by Beat accounts will continue to function and be updated.

Each account will now be subject to a 1500 Tweets per month cap, but historically the accounts have not reached that number. If an account does exceed the limit going forward, we will notify the community and address the issue.

If additional changes are released from Twitter, SPD will continue to provide information on the status of Tweets by Beat.

Original Post, 2/8/23:

SPD’s Tweets By Beat Accounts Impacted by Changes at Twitter

Due to changes being made at Twitter, SPD’s Tweets by Beat accounts will stop providing updates as of February 13th, 2023.

Twitter has announced an end to free access to API services starting February13th. This impacts all of SPD’s Tweets by Beat accounts, and they will be deactivated for the foreseeable future. SPD’s primary Twitter account (@seattlepd) will continue to operate and be updated.

The Department will explore available options to reactivate the accounts, and the possibility of using another program or method to release the information.

We will provide any additional updates about Tweets by Beat and/or new alternative notification systems here on the SPD Blotter.

In the meantime, information about recent calls for service can still be found on the Seattle Police Department Data Maps.