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Monday – February 20, 2023

#2023-048910/Southwest Precinct/Second Watch:

On 02-20-2023 in the early morning hours, a victim heard a noise outside his RV and observed an unidentified subject placing something on vehicle windshields. The victim was able to obtain some evidence but could not identify the subject. The victim later discovered the item was a note which referenced the RV owners’ housing status. The letter continued with threats to damage the vehicles, among other threats. The victim called 911 to report the incident. A total of four victims were identified and had all received the same letter. Patrol attempted to contact a suspect at his home but did not receive an answer. Bias crimes notifications were made.

#2023-049052/Southwest Precinct/Second Watch:

At 1329 hours, two witnesses were working on a barge in the 7100 block 1 Ave S when they heard shots being fired. One witness observed a suspect standing in an encampment shooting a handgun in their general direction with rounds impacting the Duwamish waterway. The suspect and an accomplice then entered a nearby vehicle. Officers responded to the area and began a search, to include South Patrol due to the encampment size. The suspect was located inside the vehicle and was detained. The witness positively identified the suspect as the person shooting but did not believe he was trying to hit them. Officers located evidence of a shooting in and around the vehicle associated with the suspect. Other firearm related items of evidence were observed inside the vehicle. SW Patrol processed the scene. Homicide Unit was notified of the incident and directed the vehicle to the processing room pending a warrant. The suspect was booked into KCJ for Unlawful Discharge and a Court Order Violation.

#2023-049155/Southwest Precinct/Second Watch:

At 1534 hours, several witnesses called 911 to report hearing multiple shots being fired in the area of 6900 block Highland Park Way SW along a wooded trail. A description of the subjects involved with the shots being fired was provided. Officers conducted an area search and located one of the subjects walking towards the trail exit. The subject was detained and questioned. Post Miranda, the subject stated he drove a friend to that location and the friend had brought and fired a gun in the woods. Evidence of a shooting was located along the trail. No victims, property damage, or the second subject were located. Witnesses all left the area, and none had observed the detained subject firing weapons. The subject was identified and released from the scene.

#2023-049215/Southwest Precinct/Second Watch:

At 1534 hours, officers responded to a shooting call where the caller wanted to self-report he had just discharged his firearm at a dog that was charging him and his cat while they were out for walk in the 4600 BLK SW Maple WY. The caller told police the dog had gotten out of its fenced in yard and came at the caller with its hackles up and was growling. The caller said he was in fear for his safety and his cat’s safety, so he fired one round into the grass to get the dog to back off. The dog retreated which allowed the caller to create space and return home safely. The dog was captured by the owner soon after the incident and secured. The owner of the dog was contacted. He advised the wind blew the gate open of his fenced in yard and the dog was then able to escape. Animal Control was requested but did not respond.

#2023-049190/Southwest Precinct/Second Watch:

At 1609 hours, officers responded to a robbery call in the 2600 block of SW Barton ST. The suspect was observed by loss prevention attempting to conceal merchandise. When loss prevention confronted the suspect, the suspect said he had a concealed weapon and was not afraid to use it. The suspect fled the scene on foot. Area check was negative.

#2023-049376/South Precinct/Third Watch:

At 2010 hours, two reportedly known suspects knocked on a victim’s door. When the victim answered the door, he was forced into another room where the suspects reportedly threatened to kill him. Both suspects were armed with handguns. One of the suspects reportedly fumbled with their gun then discharged one round which missed the victim and went through several walls of the home. No one was hurt. The suspects fled in an unknown direction/vehicle. The victim was not entirely forthcoming with the investigation. GVRU was notified.