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Tuesday – February 21, 2023

#2023-050186/Southwest Precinct/Second Watch:

On 02-21-2023 at 1632 hours, self-storage facility employees were clearing items out of a recently terminated storage unit. Among the items removed was a suspicious looking PVC tube that was capped on both ends resembling a pipe bomb type device. The employees completed the cleanout but later called 911 due to growing concerns. Officers responded but could not safely access the item due to the location it had been placed. ABS screened the incident and responded. ABS was able to locate the item and inspect it. The item was determined to not be a viable device.

#2023-050368/Southwest Precinct/Third Watch:

At 2006 hours, officers responded to an incident where an intoxicated suspect had brandished a sword and threatened to kill a victim. Upon arrival, the victim was locked in a room in the house and afraid to come out. Also present in the house were two small children. Suspect made threats to force a “suicide by cop”. Officers established probable cause for DV Threats and were establishing a plan for getting the victim and children out of the residence when the victim texted that the suspect was trying to open her door. Officers formed a contact team and entered the residence, evacuating the victim and the children. Officers backed out, re-established containment, and formulated a plan. A while later, the situation was resolved peacefully when the suspect came out of the house willingly and was taken into custody without incident. HNT consulted.

#2023-050383/South Precinct/Third Watch:

At 2024 hours, officers were flagged down by the victim of a carjacking near Jefferson Park. The victim reported that 4 suspects, 1 armed with a gun, took his vehicle and his phone. The victim was not injured. Officers conducted an area check, but the suspects were not located.

#2023-050400/South Precinct/Third Watch:

At 2103 hours, officers were dispatched to a robbery call near S College St and 17th Ave S. Officers arrived and contacted the victim. The victim reported that two unknown suspects approached him as he was entering his residence. One of the suspects then pulled out a handgun and told him to open his front door. The victim stated that he ran to his neighbor’s house and the suspects left on foot. The victim was uninjured. The suspects were not located during an area check.