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Thursday – February 23, 2023

#2023-051470/West Precinct/Third Watch:

On 02-23-2023 at 0137 hours, numerous patrons were seen exiting a Pike Place Market bar and loitering around a nearby parked car. Several shots were fired, and individuals were seen running in various directions. Evidence of a shooting was recovered. No injuries or property damage were reported.

#2023-051558/North Precinct/First Watch:

At 0625 hours, officers responded to reports of a burglary at a movie theatre. The General Manager had evidence the suspect was inside the building loading up a bag. Officers responded and set up containment. K9 Officer and K9 Frodo responded to the scene to assist. Patrol and K9 units searched the theatre for the suspect. The suspect moved through the theatre and into an attached business complex. The suspect attempted to escape through a 3rd story roof access port but was unsuccessful. He then attempted to escape via an emergency exit and was apprehended by containment officers. Suspect booked into KCJ for Burglary and multiple felony warrants. Type 2 Use of Force.

#2023-052113/North Precinct/Second Watch:

(No time provided) A physical fight on Aurora turned into a felony assault when the suspect used a 5-inch knife to slash the victim in the face. The victim suffered non-life-threatening injuries, though the laceration was serious enough to prevent him from giving a full account of what occurred. He was able to communicate the basics to officers on scene, that the suspect is known to him, and that he could identify him in the future. Officers followed the victim to Harborview to get a statement once the victim’s injuries were stabilized enough to allow for communication. Media notified.

#2023-052066/North Precinct/Second Watch:

At 1644 hours, officers responded to an in-progress shots call at 14th and Market Street. Investigation determined that two unidentified males approached a van with two occupants inside and the suspects began smashing out the vehicle’s windows with a small bat. A male in the van exited with a pistol in hand and confronted the suspects, who were still yelling but now backing away. The male with the pistol fired at least three rounds toward the suspects who then fled on foot. The male with the pistol said he fired toward the ground and toward the suspects’ legs. A busy roadway and a grocery store/parking garage were nearby. The suspects were not located. The pistol belonging to the male from the van was seized as evidence. The male from the van was arrested for Reckless Endangerment and was subsequently I&Red. No injury to any person nor property damage located.

#2023-052197/West Precinct/Third Watch:

At 1918 hours, a victim called 911 to report an assault that had occurred on 02-22-2023. The victim believed he was lured to a location and assaulted by the suspects due to their perception of the victim’s religion. Due to the delay in reporting, the suspects are outstanding.