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Monday – February 27, 2023

#2023-055443/West Precinct/First Watch:

At 1005 hours, officers responded regarding an assault. The victim stated that she had been strangled by a male who also lived in the building. Officers developed probable cause to arrest the suspect for assault 2 DV. The suspect was last seen entering his apartment and was believed to still be inside. Officers attempted contact and the suspect refused to open the door. A warrant was obtained and prior to the warrant service, HNT was able to get the suspect to come out. The suspect was arrested and booked into KCJ without incident.

#2023-055765/South Precinct/Second Watch:

At 1533 hours, officers responded to reports of a male breaking into vehicles with a hammer, pants down, throwing a helmet, throwing a keg, and harassing customers at the Goodwill. After officers formed a contact team and assigned rolls, they initiated contact with the suspect. Once found he refused to comply with command and tried to flee the scene on foot. As this was happening another report came in over the radio that there was blood everywhere, possibly from an assault with the hammer the suspect is reported to have. The suspect began running towards multiple metro buses and bus stops. A 40mm equipped officer fired one round into the backside of the upper legs causing the suspect to immediately fall to the ground where officer placed him into handcuffs.