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Tuesday – March 21, 2023

#2023-076683/East Precinct/First Watch:

On 03-21-2023 at 0458 hours, officers responded to a possible catalytic converter theft in-progress. The suspect vehicle left the area upon arrival of officers. The suspect vehicle was relocated a short distance away and a stop was attempted. The suspect vehicle fled from officers and collided with a parked vehicle. Officers utilized vehicle to vehicle contact when the suspect vehicle began driving towards a house. The suspect fled on foot and was taken into custody. Suspect booked into KCJ for PSV, UPFA, Eluding.

#2023-077085/East Precinct/Second Watch:

At 1200 hours, a demonstration at the Chase Bank on Broadway Ave E with little to no incident. A group of approximately 70 people stood on Thomas St and the front of the Chase bank for about 2 hours, waving signs and taping anti-climate change information to the front windows and doors. When asked by SPD to not block the doorway and to allow customers entry and egress, the crowd complied. After the allotted time, the demonstration proceeded northbound on Broadway before returning and dispersing peacefully.

#2023-077181/East Precinct/Second Watch:

At 1340 hours, officer was overseeing a demonstration at E Thomas St and Broadway Ave E. After parking his patrol vehicle and facilitating the movement of approximately 50 protesters, he returned to his vehicle and drove back to the East Precinct. However, while en route, he noticed an irregular driving pattern and inspected his vehicle upon arrival, to find the rear passenger side tire completely deflated. When the valve stem cap was removed, a pebble was found jammed into the stem and the cap re-attached, indicating a purposeful sabotage of the vehicle.