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Friday – March 24, 2023

#2023-080383/North Precinct/Second Watch:

On 03-24-23 at 1659 hours, a Help the Firefighter call was broadcast. Initial information had the suspect, armed with a firearm, punching a firefighter. Multiple callers described the same suspect pointing a firearm at passersby and pacing menacingly in the area. Officers arrived and the suspect fled, ignoring commands. Officers deployed a taser and took the suspect into custody. After investigation, the suspect was arrested for assault on an officer and assault 3 on a medical professional after kicking an AMR EMT in the chest. Misdemeanor charges were requested for property damage, unlawful use of weapons to intimidate another, obstruction, and resisting arrest. A pellet gun was recovered at the scene, as well as evidence of an auto theft and recovery from earlier in the day. The suspect exhibited signs of possible acute behavioral crisis and was evaluated by SFD at the scene. The suspect was medically declined and is awaiting booking while at HMC.

#2023-080454/Southwest Precinct/Second Watch:

At 1900 hours, the suspect and victim got into a collision while attempting to park on Alki Avenue SW. They both exited their vehicles, and the suspect attacked the victim. The victim was injured but declined medical aid. The victim left in his vehicle and the suspect followed in their own vehicle. While the suspect was chasing the victim them/they yelled, “You are not a citizen” and “Go back to your country”. The victim is of Mexican Descent and strongly believes the assaults were based on his race and country of origin. The suspect was booked for the hate crime and DUI (2023-80547). Charges were requested for the misdemeanor assaults.

#2023-080520/Southwest Precinct/Third Watch:

At 1918 hours, SW Officers responded to the 6400 block of 29 Ave SW to a report of a shooting with possible victim inside a house. Once on scene officers located the victim residence, which had sustained damage from multiple shots. Officers cleared the home looking for victims and/or suspects. The victims who were inside the home during the shooting had fled prior to officer arrival but were contacted at a nearby home. Witnesses reported that a suspect walked up to the front of the house and began shooting towards the home. This suspect fled on foot and an unknown male from the victim home came outside, got into a vehicle and left in the same direction. Neither of those males were located at the time of this SIR. SW Patrol processed the scene. Evidence of the shooting was recovered from the sidewalk in front of the house. 1 projectile from a round was recovered from the street in front of the house.

#2023-080650/South Precinct/Third Watch:

At 2227 hours, while responding to a reported injury collision in Robert sector an officer was involved in a collision. Officer sustained minor injuries and the other vehicle occupants sustained none. Incident was screened with Duty Captain.