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DUI Driver Strikes Motorcyclist Then Crashes to a Stop 

Early Thursday morning, police received a call about an agitated driver, who appeared to be influenced by narcotics, parked in the lanes of traffic in South Lake Union. 

A West Precinct patrol officer in the area observed a black Jeep Grand Cherokee driving at an extremely high rate of speed northbound on Dexter Avenue North and driving through several red traffic lights with no regard for other drivers.  

While the suspect driver briefly stopped at the intersection of Dexter Avenue North and Mercer Street, police attempted to run a record check on the vehicle, but it soon sped off once again heading northbound on Dexter Avenue North.  

At the intersection of Dexter Avenue North and Valley Street, the suspect driver crashed into a motorcyclist stopped at the red traffic light at the intersection. The motorcyclist was ejected from his motorcycle and landed on the ground nearby. 

Police stopped to check on the motorcyclist to ensure he did not need immediate medical attention. Seattle Fire was requested to assist with medical treatment for the motorcyclist. The 41-year-old male victim sustained non-life-threatening injuries from the collision.  

After running over the motorcycle, the suspect driver fled from the location and later crashed into the barrier that separates the northbound and southbound lanes on the Aurora highway. 

As officers arrived, the suspect vehicle was unoccupied, but observed a man running back to the driver side of the vehicle. When the man saw police, he ran from the vehicle heading westbound on Valley Street.     

Police yelled out commands for the man to stop, but the man jumped over several fences in an attempt to escape. The male suspect was taken into custody soon after the pursuit began. 

Upon initial contact with the 27-year-old male suspect, he showed obvious signs of impairment. With further investigation, police learned the suspect had a suspended license and required an ignition interlock device to drive. The jeep did not have an ignition interlock device.  

During the search of the suspect, officers located narcotics and observed empty alcohol bottles in his vehicle. Police conducted a DUI investigation and later obtained a blood warrant for the suspect.  

The male suspect was arrested for DUI, hit and run, negligent driving, ignition interlock violation, and obstruction. He was booked into King County Jail.