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Thursday– November 23, 2023

#2023-337917/East Precinct/Third Watch:

On 11-23-2023 at 0152 hours, officers were dispatched to 10 Av / E Pike St for the report of a disturbance involving 80-100 people and the mention of a firearm. Officers arrived on scene and heard gunfire. They began conducting an area check for a scene and any wounded people. Officers identified the involved suspect with the firearm and he was taken into custody. Near the response location two shell casings were recovered. During the investigation probable cause was established for two suspects involved in the disturbance for malicious harassment. Due to the volatile nature of the crowd, officers from the West Precinct arrived on scene to assist with scene with security.

#2023-337937/Southwest Precinct/Third Watch:

At approximately 0220 hours, officers responded to a motor vehicle collision in the 500 block of S Cloverdale St. Upon arrival, two females standing outside of a vehicle told officers that their friend flipped his car over the embankment, approximately 100 yards downhill, towards 509. Those women then fled at a high rate of speed. Officers quickly descended the hill to find the driver stuck inside the vehicle. SFD was en route when he was able to free himself. However, he appeared to be intoxicated, and officers saw that there was an unsecured AR-15 and Glock 10mm inside the vehicle, as well as ski masks. The Hyundai he flipped over the embankment turned out to be stolen. The driver was notified that he was under arrest and SFD Rescue 1 was able to secure him to a gurney and winch him up the hill. He was transported to HMC with multiple injuries.

#2023-338011/North Precinct/First Watch:

On 11/23/2023, at approximately 0545 hrs, units responded to the 500 Block of NE Northgate Way for a single vehicle collision. Units arrived and discovered a vehicle with a single occupant struck an oak tree before coming to rest a few feet away from a building. The driver of the vehicle was listed as critical and transported to HMC by Medic 1.

#2023-338014/East Precinct/First Watch:

At 0551 hours, officers responded to the area of Bellevue Ave and E Olive St to a report of a victim shot in the foot. Officers arrived in the area and located potential suspects who fled on foot when ordered to stop. One of the individuals was captured after a brief foot pursuit. Additional officers located the victim with a single GSW to the foot and he was transported to HMC in stable condition by the SFD. The suspect who was captured was booked into SCORE jail on an outstanding DOC warrant, and his involvement in the incident remains under investigation. The primary suspect is still outstanding.

#2023-338319/East Precinct/Second Watch:

At 1523 hours, officers responded to a call to service in the 1800 BLK of E Shelby St. The victim called 911 stating that the suspect had entered their residence without permission and began threatening to cut them and their roommates. While officers were en route the suspect also ordered the victims to perform sexual acts on him. Officers arrived before the suspect could escalate any further and were able to make entry into the residence and take the suspect into custody without incident. Suspect was booked into KCJ for burglary and assault 4.

#2023-338430/East Precinct/Second Watch:

At 1850 hours, officers responded to a call to service for a dumpster fire in the 1500 BLK of 14 Av. Officers arrived with Seattle Fire who put out fires to multiple dumpsters. The fire also caused felony level damage to a nearby residential building. Nearby surveillance cameras captured the suspect intentionally setting the fires to the dumpsters. Thankfully no one was injured or had to evacuate the building. An area check for the suspect led to negative results. This incident was screened with Seattle Fire Marshal 5 and ABS.