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Saturday– January 6, 2024

#2024-004893/South Precinct/Third Watch:

At 0248 hours, a 911 caller notified dispatch of 10-12 shots being fired in SODO. He thought two separate weapons were involved. Patrol officers responded and located a scene, no victims or property damage located. A witness stated they thought it was road rage possibly involving a black sedan. GVRU screened the incident. Officer located and processed evidence.

#2024-004837/North Precinct/Third Watch:

At 0110 hours, several calls were received about shots fired being heard in the area of N 107 ST / N Northgate WY. Patrol responded to the area and located a single fired cartridge. No victims / no property damage located. Patrol processed the scene.

#2024-005212/West Precinct/Second Watch:

At 1317hrs multiple callers reported seeing a male assault a female at Western Av/Wall St. The suspect had thrown the female to the ground and stole her cell phone. The suspect was armed with a taser and fled south with a witness following behind. The suspect ran towards the Gum Wall located in Post Alley and assaulted a random community member with the taser. Pike Place security responded along with SPD. The suspect assaulted an officer and was pepper sprayed by security. Incident resulted in a “Help” call. The suspect was arrested. Officer was taken to HMC for evaluation.

#2024-005095/East Precinct/Second Watch:

At 1100 hours, demonstrators began gathering at a business at Pike St/Minor Av. Approximately, 300-400 demonstrators gathered along with bike brigade and car brigade. At approximately 1300 hours, demonstrators in vehicles were able to do a coordinated slow-down and then stoppage on I-5 Northbound at Olive Way. The group from the Pike St/Minor then moved to the Olive Way overpass. Approximately, 200-300 demonstrators stayed on the overpass while another 100-150 blocked I-5 Northbound. With the assistance of SPD POET and the LRAD, WSP managed the I-5 Northbound crowd while all other SPD resources monitored the crowd on the overpass. SPD POET assisted WSP in attempting to gain compliance from the crowd. At approximately 1700 hours, it began to rain and hail. A few minutes later the demonstrators decided to leave I-5. The demonstrators left their vehicles on I-5 unattended and WSP had the vehicles towed. At approximately, 1730, the demonstrators and car brigade on the overpass dispersed. WSP was able to reopen I-5 at approximately 1830. There were no arrests or use of force.

#2024-005554/South Precinct/Third Watch:

CRG located a stolen vehicle involved in five convenience store robberies. Officers were able to identify the occupants as fitting the description of the suspects involved in the robberies. Officers attempted to stop the vehicle, but the vehicle fled. Due the circumstances, a pursuit was authorized. Officers successfully used the PIT maneuver to stop the vehicle. All for suspects were taken into custody after a short foot pursuit. No officers, suspects or bystanders injured. A realistic looking Glock style BB gun was recovered from one suspect. All suspects booked into YSC.