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Friday– February 16, 2024

#2024-44527/North Precinct/Second Watch:

At 1508 hours officers responded to a supportive housing location after reports of a client assaulting staff. Staff reported the suspect used racially biased language against black staff members while specifically targeting those staff members. Officers located and arrested the suspect for Hate Crime and two misdemeanor assault charges.

#2024-44977/West Precinct/Third Watch:

At 2338 hours a12/Jackson emphasis unit was flagged down regarding a failed carjacking. The male and female suspects approached the victim, who was seated in his vehicle, and asked if he had any cigarettes. The victim was coaxed out of the vehicle and distracted. The female jumped into the driver’s seat and attempted to drive away. The victim tried to pull the female out of the car and was attacked by the male suspect, who was armed with a knife. As the male suspect slashed at the victim, he cut his own hand. The female drove away with the victim hanging onto the driver’s door and promptly crashed into a tree. Female suspect was injured in the collision. Victim had non-life-threatening cuts to his head and back of his neck. Both suspects arrested for Robbery 1 – Female also had Robbery 2 and Assault 4 warrants.