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Friday – March 8, 2024

#2024-064326/East Precinct/Third Watch:

At 1215 hours East Patrol responded to the report of shots fired. Officers located multiple shell casings, as well as corresponding bullet damage to multiple nearby unoccupied parked vehicles. No known victims or motive. Witnesses saw a small blue hatchback sedan leaving the scene after the shots were heard. GVRU screened.

#2024-064323/South Precinct/Third Watch:

At 0232 hours officers responded to Rainier Av S/S McClellan St for a report of a victim that had been shot at. Police met with the victim and conducted their investigation via the language line for Spanish. The investigation showed this was possibly a result of road rage where the victim had cut off the suspect. Officers located the scene at Rainier Av S/S Oregon St. Officers located 20 shell casings, 1 bullet and 1 bullet fragment. Officers located a shattered window of the business located at 4501 Rainier Av S. The victim’s vehicle was struck once by a bullet on the passenger side. No injuries. The scene was processed, and the Incident screened with GVRU.

#2024-064353/Southwest Precinct/Third Watch:

At 0408 hours officers responded to the 6500 Block California AVE SW to a report of a shot fired following an argument in the street. Officers arrived and located a single shell casing in a business driveway. Caller reported that possible suspect left in a vehicle NB after firing the round. Scene Processed by Patrol. GVRU notified.

#2024-064495/North Precinct/First Watch:

At 0830 hours the AR Team officers received information regarding the presence of a tent near the baseball fields within Woodland Park. Police arrived at the location and made contact with its occupant. The individual inside the tent identified himself, prompting the officers to conduct a radio check on his identity. Subsequently, it was discovered that the individual had two unverified warrants associated with his name. Notably, both warrants stipulated restrictions prohibiting him from being in proximity to areas where children typically gather. The concerning aspect was further underscored when, from the vantage point of the individual’s tent, the officers observed a preschool class passing by the area near the playfields. Recognizing the potential risk posed by the individual’s presence in close proximity to children, the officers proceeded to effectuate an arrest. The suspect was taken into custody and subsequently booked into King County Jail in accordance with the warrants and the associated restrictions.

#2024-065281/Southwest Precinct/Third Watch:

At 2208 hours officers responded to the alley east of the 8400 block of 25th Ave SW to reports of shots fired. Officers arrived and located casings and one vehicle with bullet damage but no victims. Soon after, officers were made aware of 5 juvenile victims that had fled to the Teen Life Center. None of the juveniles were injured. GVRU responded to the scene for processing and to contact the victims. There are no suspects identified, and the circumstances leading up to the shooting remain under investigation.

#2024-065252/East Precinct/Third Watch:

At 2120 hours East Patrol responded to the report of an armed Robbery. The victim stated suspects stole his cowboy hat from his head and ran. The suspects flashed a gun at him when he attempted to chase them. The suspects later dropped the hat but took dollars that were attached to it. The suspect was not identified.