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Armed domestic abuser sent to jail

On October 4th at 1:10 AM, a female living in the 2100 block of 5th Avenue W called 911 and reported that she had locked herself in her basement because her boyfriend was threatening her with a gun.  She stated that he was waving it around with a bullet in his other hand telling her that she did not know how bad he was. 
Officers arrived and had the victim exit the rear of the residence.  After interviewing the victim, it was determined that a crime had occurred.  The male suspect initially refused to come out of the residence and would not answer the phone. A command post was established and SWAT officers were called to the scene.
The victim then received a phone call and from her boyfriend.  She handed the phone to an officer, who answered it.  After a short conversation, the officer convinced the suspect to surrender peacefully.  The suspect exited the residence and was placed into custody without incident.  SWAT completed a sweep of the residence and deemed it secure. 
The gun and bullet were recovered from the residence.  A sweep for additional weapons was conducted with negative results.  Statements were taken from the suspect and victim.  The suspect was booked into King County Jail.