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Teen injured in bicycle accident

On October 4th at 8:20 PM, North Precinct officers responed to a bicycle collision involving a 14 year old male who was riding a bicycle down the hill on 35th Ave NE approaching NE 100 Street.  He changed lanes in front of a vehicle to avoid a parked car.  He lost control of his bicycle, and crashed to the ground.  A pedestrian witness stated that it looked like the car may have bumped him, but could not see well from her vantage point.  The car stopped, and the driver got out and approached the downed rider.  As more people arrived on the scene, the driver left.
Seattle Fire Department medics responded, and initially found the rider to be conscious.  A short time later, the rider’s vital signs deteriorated significantly.  Medics transported the victim to Harborview Medical Center.  Traffic Collision Investigators responded and determined there was no vehicle damage to the bicycle.