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North Precinct Car Jacking

On 12/15/08 at approximately 9:45 PM North Precinct Officers responded to a car jacking. Upon arriving the victim told them he was driving, approaching the traffic circle at 12 NE / NE 100 when an unknown suspect opened the passenger door of his car and got in. Another suspect was outside the car. The suspect who had gotten inside the vehicle pointed a gun at the victim and demanded the keys.   As the suspect grabbed the keys the victim got out of the car and ran.   The suspect fired a round at him, putting a bullet through the trunk of the car. The victim was not hit, and continued to run while calling 911 on his cell phone. The suspects only took the car partway down the block before abandoning it.
K9 responded with patrol officers. After a short track it was determined that the suspects left in their own car. A spent 9mm case was found on the street by where the victim’s car was initially stopped.