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Robbery/drug deal gone awry

On 5/13/10, at approximately 10:45 p.m.. officers responded to a report of an armed robbery involving a knife that had occurred in front of a bar at, 2nd Ave/Blanchard St. 

The victim reported that a male , who had been in the company of a female had approached him and asked him for money, explaining that his female companion was pregnant. 

The victim reported that he showed the suspect $10 that was in his wallet and told him that was all he had.  The victim reported that the suspect then flashed a knife, grabbed the $10, and that he and the female then fled, getting into a cab about a block away. 

Officers located the cab, but the couple had already exited.  The cab driver reported their last known direction of travel.  Initially, only a description of the male was provided, and officers located a possible a short distance away from where the cab had let them out. 

The victim then positively identified them as the two that had been involved, but said that the female did not actually participate, but was only with the male. 

The male suspect was placed under arrest for robbery, and the female was identified and released.  They denied any robbery, but rather said that the male had been harassing them, and that they were just trying to get away from him. 

The suspect was booked into King County Jail for Investigation of Robbery. 

Both the suspect and the victim in this case have significant SPD history.  Given the circumstances, it is likely that this was some type of narcotics related incident.