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Demonstration downtown leads to property damage at East Precinct

On February 12th, at approximately 1:30 PM, a demonstration occurred at Westlake Park.  At the conclusion of he demonstration, the demonstration  turned into a march, with West Precinct bicycle officers monitoring the march. The group marched through downtown and then eastbound on Pike Street.  As the group march, members of the group would pull large items, such as newspaper stands and sandwich boards into the streets.  This caused the Bicycle officers to flank the group on both sides to prevent any further damage to private property.   The group eventually made its way up to the East Precinct, located at 12th Avenue and East Pine Street.  At that time, an unknown suspect used a hammer to break  out the driver’s side  window of an unoccupied police car parked on East Pine Street. Officers attempted to contact the suspect in the crowd, but other demonstrators prevented officers from getting to the suspect.  The suspect was able to slip back into the crowd and disappear.   Officers arrested two women  for obstructing.  The rest of the demonstration dispersed.  The two women, ages 20 and 26,  were later booked into the King County Jail.