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FINAL TOTALS: Aurora Traffic Safety Project

The following is the final recap of the Aurora Corridor Traffic Emphasis that took place on April 14th.  The updated totals include the nighttime DUI phase, which involved the efforts of seven SPD Officers, two WSP Troopers and six agents from the Liquor Control Board.

Total charges –   677
Total citations – 509
Total warnings – 198
Total speeders – 331
Aggressive driving – 19
DUI Arrest – 6
Negligent Driving – 2
High speed – 66 in a 40 MPH zone
Cell phone – 62
No insurance – 80
No Operators License – 23
FTY to Pedestrians – 1
FTY Right of Way – 2
Unsafe Lane Change – 21
Follow to close – 2
School zone – 8
School zone (speed van) – 42 
Bicycle – 2
Inattention – 2
Defective Equipment – 8
Illegal turns – 16
Signs Obey – 15
No seatbelt – 30
Vehicle License – 5

The overall goal of the Aurora Avenue emphasis patrol is to promote safe driving behavior, not necessarily to write tickets.  Tickets are however, a product of traffic law enforcement.  Driver education can also be achieved through warning.   On average, for every five tickets issued, two warnings were given.

The goals of the Aurora Traffic Safety Project are to save lives, promote safe driving behavior, reduce collisions, reduce traffic congestion due to collisions and unsafe driving, and improve pedestrian mobility along and across Aurora Avenue.