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Property damage to North Seattle apartment complex

On August 30th, shortly after 2:00 am, North Precinct officers responded to a 911 call from a man who claimed that unknown people were outside his door attempting to enter his apartment in the 14100 Block of Linden Avenue North.  When officers arrived, the man who called 911 kicked the door from the inside and was heard by the officers stating that he was going to set off the fire alarm.  Within a short time the fire alarm was sounded, activating the sprinkler inside the apartment.   The man left his apartment via the balcony.  He was located by officers in the parking lot and brought back to his apartment.  The Seattle Fire Department was contacted to shut off the flow of water.  It was confirmed that the 27 year old suspect was the only one inside the apartment at the time.  He was placed under arrest for the property damage, as well as an outstanding warrant.

The sprinkler in the suspect’s apartment ran for several minutes causing flooding to the hallway and other apartments.  This will result in a large amount of damage to the complex as well as others’ personal property.  The alarm woke the entire apartment complex.