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5th Annual Breakfast with the Chief

On May 3rd the Seattle Police Foundation (SPF) hosted the 5th Annual Breakfast with the Chief at the Downtown Sheraton Hotel.  Attendees heard from Seattle Police Department’s Chief of Police John Diaz and all five precinct captains about the current state of affairs in public safety and the importance of the SPF.

At the end of the breakfast, community members were able to engage the Chief in a question and answer session, and donate to the Seattle Police Foundation.  While the Foundation is currently calculating the totals, approximately $100,000 was raised at the Breakfast with the Chief.  In attendance at the Breakfast were members from throughout the community, elected leadership from the city and state, and members of the Seattle Hotel Association.

The Seattle Hotel Association presented the Seattle Police Foundation with a check of the proceeds from the 2012 Evening of Hope Gala.  This check of $225,000 will help the Foundation fulfill its mission and assist in making the City of Seattle a safer place to live and work.

“This money will help us continue to make Seattle safer.  The work we do changes and saves lives,” said Renée Hopkins, President of the Seattle Police Foundation.

The partnership between the Seattle Hotel Association and the Seattle Police Foundation demonstrates the commitment we all have towards building a safe and vibrant Seattle to allow businesses and families to thrive.

Again, the Seattle Police Foundation would like to thank the Seattle Hotel Association, members of the community and the Breakfast’s Event Chair Joe Simmons for their generous and unyielding support of the Seattle Police Foundation.  Together we’re making Seattle the world class city that it is. 

For more information on the Seattle Police Foundation see the attached link: