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SWAT, Detectives Seize Guns, Kilo of Heroin, and Meth From Rainier Valley Dealer

A violent convict is out of the meth and heroin trade and will soon be facing federal gun charges after he was arrested in the Rainier Valley in a drug investigation earlier this week.

When SWAT and narcotics detectives arrested the 46-year-old suspect outside a store near his south Seattle home on June 26th, they found a loaded handgun in his car. Later, detectives found 1.3 kilos of heroin, a half-kilo of methamphetamine, methadone pills, a pistol and an assault rifle in the suspect’s home. “This guy sold to so many people,” says SPD Narcotics Lt. Mike Kebba.

According to Lt. Kebba, narcotics detectives are seeing more heroin and meth on Seattle’s streets as supplies of other drugs dry up. “Right now, there seems to be a cocaine drought in the city,” Lt. Kebba says. “The price has gone up and people are turning to other drugs.’ As a result, Lt. Kebba says. “we’re seeing some tragic overdoses.”

The US Attorney’s office has agreed to file gun charges against the suspect in this case, as part of a partnership with the SPD. Earlier this month, SPD partnered with the US Attorney’s office to more aggressively prosecute gun crimes in federal court, which can lead to much stiffer sentences for violent criminals caught with weapons.