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15-16 rounds exchanged in a gunfight between 2 men in a South Seattle neighborhood

Two men exchange gunfire in a South Seattle neighborhood. On 7/14/12, just shortly before noon numerous units responded to the 3800 block of  S Ferdinand St on a report of shots fired with a victim down.

Upon arrival, officers learned there were no victims down at the scene and all suspects were gone.  Officers immediately cordoned off the scene and began canvassing for witnesses and evidence.

It was determined that two black males got into a heated argument on the street that escalated into both suspects shooting at each other.  One of the suspects then chased the other eastbound on Ferdinand St.,  then north through the alley with both suspects shooting at the other.

The fleeing suspect got into a red Dodge Challenger and left northbound on 39th Ave S.  It is believed a third suspect fired at the Challenger as it was leaving northbound.  The first suspect is believed to have left the area in a Black GMC SUV and the third suspect is believed to have left the area in a black BMW, unknown plate.

Approximately 15-16 shell casings were recovered from the sidewalk, street, alley north of Ferdinand St, and the parking lot south of Ferdinand St.   Four different vehicles and a house located in the 3800 block of  S Ferdinand St. were struck by errant rounds with bullets recovered from inside two of the vehicles.

The Dodge Challenger was found to be a rental vehicle from Avis.  It was learned that vehicle was returned to the Airport Avis at approximately 12:26 p.m.  Officers responded to that location and impounded the vehicle to the processing room.