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So That Happened: Random Items About a Purse Snatcher, a Failed Carjacking, and Zucchini

Not every SPD case is going to make the 5 o’clock news. But you still deserve to know that these things happened in your city over the last 24 hours:

Is That a Stolen Purse In Your Pants ?

Officers caught a purse snatcher at a Capitol Hill nightclub on 10th Avenue and E. Pike Street early Tuesday.

Shortly after 1 am, two women inside the club reported that a man wearing a black hat had stolen their purses. When Officers spotted the suspect near the club’s restrooms, he quickly ducked inside an occupied lavatory.

Officers followed the suspect inside, where they found him staring at himself in the mirror, next to a very confused woman who had been using the bathroom when the suspect barged in.

When officers took the suspect out of the bathroom and patted him down, a purse fell out of his waistband onto the ground. Moments later, a second purse fell out of his pants.

Officers then arrested the man, who told police he was having a “drunk stupid moment.”

Carjacker Takes Keys, Leaves Car

Around 12:30am Tuesday, police got a call from a man who said he was standing next to his truck—parked near Airport Way S. and S. Plummer Street— when another man hopped into the passenger side of the truck, pulled out a five-inch knife, and told the victim he wanted the truck. When the suspect grabbed the keys out of the victim’s ignition, and the victim ran off and called 911.

When the victim returned to his truck with police, the key was gone but the truck was still there. The victim had his car towed home.

Officers Go Looking For Dealer, Find Guns and Crack Instead

Officers went looking for a drug dealer in the “Jungle”—the wooded area on the western side of Beacon Hill—Monday night. While they didn’t find him, they did stumble onto a few ounces of crack cocaine and a few guns.

As officers searched the woods, they came across an encampment. When officers approached several people at the camp, one man took off running. Police found 81 grams of crack cocaine wrapped in a napkin, two handguns and an airsoft rifle near where the man had been sitting in the camp. Officers were able to catch up with the man, and arrested him for obstruction and false reporting after he gave officers a fake name.

You Don’t Need a Permit for Zucchini

Yesterday’s one-year birthday party for the Occupy demonstrations in Westlake Park went off without a hitch, but officers did seize a six-inch knife from a woman in the park.

Officers got a report that the woman was sitting in the park had a large butcher’s knife, and went over to talk to her. Officers found the woman sitting on the ground in the park with a six-inch fillet knife,  and several zucchinis.

When officers told the woman it was illegal to have a fixed-blade knife in public, she said she “was harvesting vegetables.”

Officers took the knife and told the woman how she could reclaim it from the evidence unit.