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It’s Not That Kind of Greenspace

The Seattle Parks and Recreation department describes the nine acre Llandover Woods Greenspace as a quiet refuge on the edge of the Seattle border, filled with gravel trails and dense woods. The kind of place where “visitors to the park are bound to see many hikers, joggers, people walking dogs, or smoking a pipe.”

That last part might have given someone the wrong idea.

Now, someone is out several dozen marijuana plants after police found them growing in the Llandover Woods over the weekend.

Just before 9 am Saturday morning, King County Sheriff’s deputies called SPD to let us know that they’d found a whole bunch of pot plants growing in the Llandover Woods Greenspace,.

Upon arriving at the park—which is on the Seattle side of the Seattle/Shoreline border, near NW 145th Street and 3rd Avenue NW—officers found 40-45 small marijuana plants growing inside planters. In case you were wondering, this kind of thing is rare, if not unheard of, in Seattle’s typically cold and rainy climate.

Because it’s still not legal to grow non-medicinal pot in Seattle (especially in a city park), officers seized the plants for destruction. But that’s where the investigation will likely conclude, since pot enforcement is a low, low, low priority for SPD.