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Two Men Stabbed In Broken Bottle Brawl In Wallingford

Two men were stabbed Saturday in Wallingford after an early-morning argument over noise turned violent. Just before 2 am Saturday morning, the suspect in the attack was walking west on 45th Street—carrying a six-pack of beer and a frozen pizza—when he encountered a group of seven people standing out on the… [ Keep reading ]

Robber Tries to Mug Limo Driver For Cash, Settles for Bottled Water

An armed robber refused to leave empty-handed after he tried to mug a cashless limo driver at knifepoint in Interbay late Saturday night. At about 11:15 pm, the limo driver stopped at a red light near 15th and W. Dravus Street, when the suspect walked up to the limo and waved at… [ Keep reading ]

Officers Arrest Machete and Whiskey-Wielding Man In Flare Gun Attack

Officers arrested a man in Chinatown Friday after he fired a flare gun at another man and then tried to attack him with a machete. Around 8:15 pm Friday, a bus tunnel security guard flagged down Officer Richard Bonesteel near 6th Avenue and King Street and reported hearing a gunshot nearby…. [ Keep reading ]