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The Sky Is Falling II: The Director’s Cut

A steely visitor from the skies crash-landed in a family’s home in South Park Sunday afternoon. But rather than raising it as their own—allowing this visitor from beyond the stars to change our world as we know it and inspire us all to be super—the family called in government agents (the police) to take custody of the three-pound rod of steel (or possibly some other metal).

It’s entirely possible the metal hunk could have come from a bird, or a plane (or a tree “tub” grinder, as some have suggested) but police contacted the FAA about the incident—probably to cover the whole thing up, because we’re just not ready for the truth about interstellar travelers.

Kneel before metal rod!


Originally boringly posted at 4:17 pm on June 26th.

South Park family called police Tuesday evening to report that a metal bar had fallen from the sky (?!) and crashed through the roof of their home near 7th ave S. and S. Director St.

The incident happened Sunday, but the family waited until Tuesday to call 911.

Officers photographed the three-pound metal bar—and the approximately 8-inch by 6-inch hole the bar made in the family’s roof and ceiling—and contacted the FAA about the incident.

In a summary of the incident, an officer who responded to the scene surmised the piece of metal may have fallen from an “aircraft or a really big bird that had stolen a lead bar.”

UPDATE: Police now believe it was a tooth from a tree “tub grinder.”