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Suspect Sustains Shattered Shin Following Fremont Falafel Fight

A 36-year-old man was frittered away his Saturday night in a Ballard hospital after starting—and losing—a fight at a Fremont falafel shop over the weekend.

When officers arrived at the Cinbad Express in the 3500 block of Fremont Pl N just after 2:30 AM Sunday, they found the suspect sitting outside the restaurant in the back seat of a cab, holding his shattered shin.

Officers quickly learned that, minutes earlier, the suspect had walked into the restaurant and begun insulting a group of men and women after discovering they had ordered the shop’s last falafel.

When the group told the suspect to leave, he slapped one man in the group and punched a second man in the face, cutting his head. Two of the men in the group tackled the suspect in the middle of the restaurant, apparently breaking the suspect’s leg in the process. Two of the restaurant’s cooks separated the suspect from his victims, giving the suspect time to hobble out of the falafel shop and hop into a cab, where he was found by medics and police.

Following the incident, the suspect was taken to a Ballard hospital for treatment.